Species concerned

The Genes Diffusion Genomic Platform concerns itself with various species. In particular with dairy and beef cattle, but also with pigs.


Vache HolsteinHolstein

With respect to dairy cattle, the program is centered around the evaluation of differentiation traits in aid of the male path. While, as of 2010, the genomic platform has been feeding the national genomic index system of the Holstein breed in its capacity as a laboratory supplying genotyping information, in 2011 it also opens the female path with the implementation of the GD SCAN service.


For the Charolais breed, the platform has authority to help the genetic program of the Genes Diffusion group. Two main projects are being developed:

  • Vache Charolaisethe Cow/Calf program, based on the collection of data on the phenotypes of cows and calves. In the winter of 2010/2011, on the territory of the 9 cooperatives that form part of the Selection Company, an important survey has been conducted on hundreds of farms and has taken into consideration thousands of Cow/Calf pairs. Coupled with samples, the objective of this data collection was to come up with interesting genomic information, in particular on traits regarding conformation, performance and resistance to diseases within the Cow/Calf pair.
  • the Qualvigène+ ABQV program which builds on the research of chromosome regions QTLs (Quantitative Trait Loci). Within this context, Genes Diffusion has formed an association with UNCEIA and INRA. With the genotyping results, Genes Diffusion participates in the search for interesting genes for beefing aptitudes in the Charolais breed. The objective is to provide a tool for routine pre-selection on the beefing aptitudes of the bulls in the selection programs.


With the pigs, the improvement of the genetic lines has been researched. The work that was done with respect to the characterization of the boar population in the production centers of Genes Diffusion has resulted in the development of a genomic chip. It is based on genetic markers that have a significant effect with respect to the quality of the semen produced.


The means and technologies available at the Genes Diffusion platform are not limited to bovine and porcine species. They can certainly be of benefit to other animal (birds, sheep, goat, fish…) and vegetable species to characterize populations in accordance with the genetic criteria that are of interest.

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