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The new IBOVAL 2010 index release places 4 bulls from Genes Diffusion ahead of all the French bulls that receive a total index IVMAT (maternal traits), with TAMILLY at 131 IVMAT, POPULAIR at 129, and SISTERON and TRYPHON both at 125. These 4 outstanding newcomers are confirming their figures, as well as a few other proven sires.

Vache charolaise avec son veauProgeny testing with on-farm control, carried out at about 1,000 Charolais breeders who have joined the performance control and are members of the Charolais herd book, provides the indexes with a great reliability, translated by the CD (determination coefficient).

The CD expresses the accuracy of the indexes; the closer the value gets to the maximum of 0.99, the more accurate it is. This means that, right from their first results, the bulls that have been progeny-tested on-farm do have an important accuracy with respect to:

  • Ease of calving
  • Performance of their bull calves, based on the evaluation of on average 200 calves (average CD is 0.94)
  • Slaughtering qualities (average CD is 0.75)
  • Maternal qualities based on an average of 60 daughters that have brought up and weaned a calf (average CD is 0.87)

The accuracy increases when the bulls are being used more widespread, and new descendants arrive.

The breeders have faith in this evaluation because the bulls are being evaluated in a large number of herds with outstanding genetic connections, thus avoiding many pitfalls.

TAMILLY : The great French Champion #1

TAMILLYThis son of MAGENTA x Ficus is the great newcomer with an interesting profile for performance, type and maternal qualities. Not only the quality of his bull-calves is great (ISEVR 121), also as young bulls his sons show remarkable growth during fattening, translated in an IABjbf of 121. His long-bodied and well developed daughters have great maternal qualities (IVMAT 131, a Charolais record), calve out very well (AVel 116) and have lots of milk (ALait 116).

TAMILLY is recommended on all kinds of mature cows to increase growth and volume, while he greatly improves the reproduction qualities.

POPULAIR : Confirmation of the new French #2

POPULAIRAlready crowned Champion for Maternal Qualities at Agonges in 2006, POPULAIR confirms with the production figures of his second crop daughters. With 1,604 tested bull-calves and an ISEVR of 114 (CD 0.99) , POPULAIR is a safe value. His figures for maternal qualities based on the production of 211 daughters assure him of the second place, behind TAMILLY, with an IVMAT of 129 (CD 0.95) and an extraordinary ALait of 121. With so many descendants, his index is a unique indicator for his users.

This impression was confirmed during the visits of the consultants to the Charolais breeding farms, where the very homogenous daughters of POPULAIR showed outstanding frames, muscling in the hindquarters, well built-up rumps and balanced udders with functional teats.

TRYPHON : Outcross properties of the French #3

TRYPHONTRYPHON, a newly evaluated bull, received his outcross properties from his sire Nectargerc, a son of the bull Invincible who can be found back in the pedigrees of many show animals and who transmits growth, muscularity and milk. His dam, a Genk daughter, reinforces performance, frame and maternal qualities. The results are there to prove it, with high performances at weaning (ISEVR 119) and very milky daughters, which give TRYPHON an IVMAT of 125.

His early figures indicate that he should be used on the more developed kind of cows.

SISTERON : The reliability of the other French #3

SISTERONSISTERON confirms also with the second calves of his daughters, which increases the reliability of his index at weaning to ISEVR 119 (CD 0.94) and his IVMAT to 125 (CD 0.90).

Just like POPULAIR, also SISTERON’s popularity has grown among Charolais breeders, who have intensively used him on their heifers and mature cows this winter.

The economic performances demonstrated by his descendants (calves are born easily, growth, type and milk) more than ever have made him a topical bull.

PINAY : International point of reference

PINAYWith an IFNAIS of 110, an ISEVR of 112 (based on 16,488 calves at weaning) , PINAY stays one of the genetic reference points of the Charolais breed. With the arrival of 211 new daughters in production, his maternal qualities have been increased to an IVMAT of 122.

The breeders unanimously appreciate the calving aptitude of his daughters, with their wide and long rumps, and the calves that are growing fast thanks to the well-filled udders and the well positioned teats.

The other newcomers

The other new bulls demonstrate high levels as well, such as:

  • TERNOIS (JUMPER x DICTATEUR) adds extra value to all stages: at weaning (ISEVR 112), at fattening (IABjbf 113) and with respect to maternal qualities (IVMAT 115)
  • TANZANIEN (Lakanal x Ibiscus) also is a great performer with in particular very milky daughters (ALait 112), which place him among the bulls which bring great improvements for replacements (IVMAT 116)
  • URFÉ (Oural x Hasting) is the new top bull for heifers. With his rather unusual pedigree he should be a bull especially for use on heifers during the next reproduction campaign. Besides calves that are easily born (IFNAIS 106), URFÉ provides his daughters with volume, stature, weight and lots of milk (ALait 113). URFÉ should be used on crossbreed females to optimize the weight during fattening (IABjbf 115) and to give the replacement females more weight. It is a bull very suited for use on all families coming from Blason, Nelson and Lerebel


Principal improvements of the proven sires:

  • IFNAIS : TOLEDO (112), UNIBLOC (110), TINOR (106) et VIZIR SC (108)
  • CRsev : SAUMUR (118), RANCARD (109), PLETOR (108), TEMPO (111), et RITMO (117)
  • DMsev : SAUMUR (104), RANCARD (112), SIDNEY (108), SNOOPY (117), RESSORT (119) et POPULAIR (113)
  • DSsev : TEMPO (111), TOULON (120), SIDNEY (112), RANCARD (107), SAUMUR (111) et SYLVANER (115)
  • ISEVR : SAUMUR (125), RANCARD (116), SIDNEY (126), TOLEDO (112), VIRGIL SC (116) et RITMO (121)
    • UNICO SC
    • AVel : PINAY (120), NIPPUR (121), PAGNOL (115), PALADIN SC (114), POPULAIR (112), REPAIR (113) et JUMPER (117)
    • ALait : PRESLEY (117), NOVOTEL (117), PAGNOL (111), SISTERON (112), OLYMPE (110) et REPAIR (103)
    • IVMAT : SISTERON (125), RANCARD (120), PRESLEY (114), RESSORT (122), SNOOPY (121), RITMO (118), MAGENTA (115) et REPAIR (114)
    • IABjbf : VIRGIL SC (121), SAVIGNEUX (112), UNICO SC (109), REPAIR (109), RANCARD (123) et PINTO (111)

Index taureaux charolais See complet bulls indexes. You can click on the headings of the columns (IFNAIS, ISEVR, IVMAT……) of the complete index table to obtain the ranking for each criterion.

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