Gènes Diffusion well presented on Agrofarm 2013 in Moscou

GENES DIFFUSION was well presented at the Agro Farm Agricultural Exhibition from the 5th – 7th February 2013 in Moscow.

Boris KASATKIN and Lieven CARRON of Genes Diffusion on the stand of Genes Diffusion and UralplemcenterThe Agrofarm Exhibition is an excellent forum for all progressive commercial dairy farmers in Russia and neighbour countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Kazachstan, etc. The most popular worldwide industry showed their products in a very professional manner.

We shared a stand with our Russian partner Uralplemcenter and took part at the seminar « The genomic selection in cattle breeding. World experience and use in Russia ».

On this occasion, Romain DASSONNEVILLE, PhD in Agricultural Sciences, expert in genomic selection, evaluation and statistics, project manager Marina MOROZOVA (r.) Assistant Director of Uralplemcenterof genomic selection in the platform GENES DIFFUSION, gave a presentation on the history and evolution of genomics in France, which was very much appreciated. A lot of visitors came to our stand and were interested by our genetic offer.

All our bulls that are now in Russia have a genomic index. They produce semen doses and are housed in Ekaterinburg in Uralplemcenter. You can find them in the catalogue of our partner as well as on our website www.genesddiffusion.ru.


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