Great success for the auction sale

The day of 27 March 2013, dedicated to promotion of the Charolais selection and co-organized by the two Selection Companies of both GENES DIFFUSION and UCATRC, enjoyed a good crowd of French and foreign Charolais breeders as well as the record sales.

Highly appreciated remaining bulls for testing

Presentation of the bullsThe morning was devoted to the presentation of bulls kept for selection programs of the two Selection Companies. These reproducers will be evaluated on the quality of their semen (sexual function) for 2 months before the final choice of evaluation for the implementation to on-farm testing next winter.

The genitors of Genes Diffusion program left an excellent impression to genetic fans. The range of our program was illustrated with bulls excellent in both morphology and performance:

  • Ease of calving with the sons of URFÉ, UTOPIQUE, DISCO and VOIMO
  • Polled with the sons of CABAR SC, ENRICO SC and VICKING SC
  • Maternal traits, morphology and variability with the sons of VIVIERS,TAMILLY, SESAME, TERNOIS, URFÉ, UTOPIQUE, SUEDOIS and DUC

GARGANTUA (Viviers x Populair), 1st of Evaluation Station with an index IMOCR (Growth morphology) of 129Gènes Diffusion had already bought 7 bulls chosen among 400 evaluated bulls in 7 evaluation stations:

  • 1 son of TREZEGOAL and of DAUFIN SC at the Etablières station (Fr).
  • 1 son of VOIMO at the Jalogny (Fr) station

This perfectly illustrates the research of top genitors for our selection scheme.

Highly Successful Auction Sale

The auction saleThis auction sale that was jointly organized by Genes Diffusion and UCATRC was also a first and a complete success including the participation of many farmers coming from France as well as the participation of foreign delegations.

All the 30 bulls offered during the auction sale were sold at an average price of € 3300 and 10 of them will join the Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland.

The record price was set at € 6,700 for one bull, son of SESAME, from a Genes Diffusion mating and will make the joy of a Hungarian breeder.

One son of TAMILLY x NOBELIX was awarded as much as 6 300 € and will be exported to the Czech Republic.

This day highlights the passion and the growing interest of Charolais breeders (French and foreign) for genetic that offers maximum of genetic and morphological guarantees. We have the pleasure to face this phenomenon in most evaluation stations that have experienced excellent average prices.