The genomics progresses and the GD Scan advances

On June 8, the Valoris Charolais Association, chaired by Cyril Thomas, with the Genes Diffusion Breeding Society and cooperatives involved in the governance of the group invited the farmers participating in the genetic reproduction and / or users of the Charolais genomics for the opening ceremony of the first genetic day of the association.

Organized in the livestock of Dominique CHERVIER in Charlieu (the Loire region) on the theme: "Genomics and perspectives in Charolais», this day was a great success with 210 participants who have traveled to attend the ceremony.

If this meeting was an opportunity to summarize the results of the 1st genomic evaluations published since 2014 by Genes Diffusion, it has mainly contributed to reveal 11 new GD Scan breeding values, which are:

  • Total merit index « Muscle Development » that is composed of :
    • Back Muscle Development (DMDos g)
    • Hind Quarters Muscle Development (DMArM g)
  • Total merit index for « Frame Development » that is composed of:
    • Frame development - Body Length (DSLon g)
    • Frame development - Body Width (DSLar g)
    • Frame development - Size (DSGab g)
  • 4 « Functionality » breeding values or indexes :
    • Muzzle (Mufle g)
    • Forelegs (AAv g)
    • Rearlegs (AAr g)
    • Top line (Rec g)

From now on, for all breeders, these 11 new evaluations will thus join the 10 characters of Production, Morphology and Behavior previously highlighted in genomic evaluation GD Scan launched in 2014, and for the same price.

“This important work culminated quickly thanks to the contribution of all farmers committed to our side”, rejoiced at the end of the meeting, Alain Guillaume and Patrick Desbrosses, respectively Chairman of the Genes Diffusion Breeding Society and President of the Charolais Section. "This day also served to continue our cooperative work around genomics. It is important for us to work together in Charolais so that it becomes again a high-class meat and adapted to the market”, concluded the two presidents.

What is the Valoris Charolais Association ?

Effective since July 30, 2015, the association based in Charolles (71) aims to assemble the farmers users of genomics and to allow a recognition of animals thanks to the development of a modern and effective Charolais from both economic and societal perspectives.

The Association's purpose is:

  • The promotion of genotyping of purebred Charolais animals
  • The extension of the interpretation of genomic results in Charolais breed
  • The development of the use of genetic values from genomic data in the service of the livestocks
  • Promotion of the genotyped animals from the Charolais breed.