Brahman breed

The brahman breed originates from the zebu cattle brought originally from India to USA, via Brazil for most of them.

The brahman is characterized for having a hump on the withers and long floppy ears. The most common colors are white, grey and red. The Brahman possesses a notable adaptability and survival ability. It can feed on low quality pastures and is very resistant to diseases, peste insects, parasites and extreme climates.

The Brahman cattle can walk large distances to find water and can be found in areas where almost no other type of cattle can survive.

ASOCEBU Colombia is the association that registers the major population of brahman cattle in the world. Colombia has a population of 22.6 millions of bovines (Fedegan 2012), of which 70% is purebred or crossbred with Brahman.

GENES DIFFUSION has been buying the best bulls out of the Individual Evaluation on Pasture managed by ASOCEBU y CORPOICA to collect semen and offer that genetics, proven in standard conditions (pasture, salt and water), to the beef producers in Colombia and abroad. Several bulls have semen available (in accordance with the sanitary certificate of the importing country), among them :