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Genetic program

Genetic offer in line with breeders' expectations

Very concerned by reducing their expenses and to write off the costs of breeding over time, dairy farmers are now looking for productive cows with a functional morphology, but mainly profitable and sustainable, in other words "easy to work cows" and adapted to their operating system.

In view of the new housing conditions with the installation of slatted or grid constructions / cubicles systems and milking robots, they are of course sensitive to the economic characteristics, but also to the criteria relating to the animal's welfare and to their working comfort.

Equally, listening to consumers who are looking for "the healthiest product possible", breeders still want to revalue the image of their production by accentuating the selection on the quality of the milk.

The recruitment of breeders meeting these new requirements is carried out in Europe (mainly in France but also in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands), where the breeding conditions are very various (milking robots , Conventional herds with pastures ...).

In order to have as wide a genetic panel as possible, our teams also recruit the sires in the richness of North American Holstein herds that benefit from modern management conditions (large herds and animals selected for sustainability and lifetime production).

It is thank to "taking the best from where it is" that our specialists can thus provide breeders with a genetic adapted to their operating system: grassland, robotic milking, or even large herd.

Segmented and targeted range

Selection Program of European dimension, Genes Diffusion has marketed, in 2016, 137 young holstein bulls including 91 in France.
These are new genomic bulls that meet the specific needs of breeders (performance, health, morphology, red factor within the Red Holstein range, polled gene within the GD Polled range and management of the stock renewal within the Sexed range ...).

In addition to the 91 bulls diffused for the first time, there are 46 bulls selected by foreign partners (Hungary, Poland) as well as 15 confirmed bulls.

More information thanks to genomics

The economy, health and welfare being at the heart of the concerns of breeders, Genes Diffusion focuses its selection in dairy breeds on productivity and sustainability, while investing in the research for new health traits such as:

  • Hoof Health ", a new post (characteristic) consisting of" Resistance to Lesions "(RL) and "Robustness of Hoof" (RP) to reduce veterinary costs and stress due to hoof diseases.
  • The Polled gene, its selection removes the dehorning constraint in favor of a reduction of the stress of the animal and an improvement of the comfort of work. The Polled gene has a growing interest in the breeding scheme, whether in terms of multiplication or supply. A range of 8 polled bulls was proposed in 2016.

As the breeders are now attentive to the image conveyed by the product they are marketing, Genes Diffusion offers bulls that are free from any genetic anomaly known to date, and with the best possible profile for casein milk.

At the same time, always with the will to accompany breeders in their performance objectives, a new synthetic index called GD Merit has been established in order to integrate Hoof Health into the selection. It is distinguished by giving more weight to the characters that have an economic impact, but also by promoting a morphology even more functional and better harmonized on the international level.

If the output of the genomic evaluations of the Hoof Health gives the breeders the possibility of selecting this criterion in order to make their cows more aging, it is evident that tomorrow data on the food efficiency or the health of cattle (metabolic problems) could help them continue in optimizing their system.


EBP is the Consortium of two groups: Genes Diffusion and Shiuz Bydgoszcz, who assemble their cooperation through the creation of a European breeding genetic program in the Holstein breed.

The two parties share the use of their genetic resources, giving a reciprocal right of access to all Holstein bulls of the consortium.

The objective is to supply the semen requirements needed for insemination of 1 million Holstein cows, both in Poland and in France. It also reinforces the international supply of Genes Diffusion Group.

The pure breed Holstein bulls are housed in the facilities of the two partners, both for safety reasons and the proximity, with respect to their members and clients. After 18 years of established cooperation, technical and sanitary protocols have been well implemented, making semen exchanges possible.

Other possibilities of cooperation are already under study in the field of swine insemination, bovine genomics and IT management, to serve all farmers and member breeders.


International Directory
Index « Mortellaro » (MTL), was already present in the hoof health synthesis. It is now available on an individual basis for breeders, to allow a greater selection on this disease, the main cause of lameness in the herds.
The predictor entitled « Resistance to Lesions » (RL) combines genetic evaluation of different diseases and lesions than can impact the hoof of cows.. The synthesis includes resistances to sole ulcers (50%), interdigital dermatitis (25%), sole haemorrhage (20%) and interdigital hyperplasia (5%).
Gènes Diffusion has also implemented an evaluation of the « Robustness of hoof » (RP). It characterizes the genetic robustness of animals in relation to their need for trimming.