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Genetic program

Diversity and worldwide sire procurement

Programme Génétique Having always in mind the improvement of herds productivity, GENES DIFFUSION has chosen as motto "take the best wherever it is ". It is in the rich and large european Holstein population (Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy and especially France where the majority of the bulls are bought), that our specialists recruit the genetics fulfilling the requirements of our selection programme.

Cradle of the Holstein genetics, the United States remain an interesting source where 250 embryos are selected annually. From Canada, another leading country in the holstein selection, we also import around 100 embryos also annually. Last, some fifty embryos are collected in Europe.

In France, the sourcing is mostly realised inside the GD+ Charter (Nucleus) and, also, in our working area with partner breeders.

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Programme Génétique In France, more than 600 purchase contracts of bull calves are signed annually. Moreover, in order to satisfy a regular demand of breeders, we aim to put a few Red Holstein bulls in our catalog each year.

Genetic programm partnership

Convinced by the know-how and the professionalism of GENES DIFFUSION, several reknown foreign selection programs have agreed to join us to sample bulls together. The will to build solid partnerships, instead of just selling semen or other products, is expressed in either exclusive sampling (only by the partner) or parallel sampling (on the GENES DIFFUSION zone in France and in the partner's country), thus creating a real genetic dynamism, unique on the market.

Currently, more than sixty GENES DIFFUSION bulls are progeny tested abroad: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia... This enables us to offer a product answering to the specific needs of the breeders, through an adequate sales network in various countries. Thanks to this international dimension, GENES DIFFUSION belongs to the international elite of animal selection.

On May 20, 2015, the GENES DIFFUSION group and SHIUZ BYDGOSZCZ group signed a Consortium agreement, confirming thus the creation of European Breeding Program dedicated to bovine genetics in the Holstein breed.

This program, known as EBP, is intended to meet the semen requirements needs for insemination of 1 million Holstein females, both in Poland and France. It will also strengthen the supply of Genes Diffusion Group on the international level.

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New concept, GD Packs ® offer the best Holstein bulls selected from genomics in 6 thematic packs, specially made to answer to the specific selection goals of each herd.

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