Material for genotyping / sequencing

Matériel GénotypageThe Genes Diffusion Genomic Platform disposes of various advanced tools and materials:

  • the genotyping technology, the Golden Gate way at medium throughput (of 96, 384, 768 and 1536 SNPs)
  • the genotyping technology Golden Gate Bovine Net Merit Panel, bovine chip 3K
  • the genotyping technology Infinium at high throughput (from 3072 to one million SNP markers)
  • the genotyping technology Infinium catalog (from 10,000 to 5 million SNP markers according to the species
    • formats bovine catalog: 6K, 54K, 800K SNP
    • format for pigs: 62K SNP
  • the high-throughput sequencing technology Ion Torrent – Life Technologies (up to 100 million bases of DNA nucleotides and, before the end of 2011, 1 billion bases)

Also used are pipetting machines (for the DNA extractions), equipment for bio-banking (storing of samples and biological data filed by means of the LIMS –Laboratory Information Management System- software program, and qPCR platforms for managing low-speed genotyping (of less than 10 markers), for the development of kits to make a diagnosis about animal health, and to realize transcriptional analyses (evaluation of the ARNs modulation).

In July 2011, the platform has made its expertise in the field of high-throughput sequencing available to the biomedical research. The genetic inheritance of the Escherichia coli O 157 strain, responsible for the intoxication of over a dozen persons in the north of France, could be decrypted in less than three days thanks to an efficient cooperation between the CHRU in Lille, the Pasteur Institute in Lille and Genes Diffusion.

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