The Know-How

Genes Diffusion offers made-to-measure services of advanced biotechnology to all players active in breeding (breeders, AI centers, cooperatives…).

  • Extraction and purification of DNA from biological samples to enable any type of use in molecular biology (sequencing, genotyping, making diagnoses…)
  • Genotyping at medium and high density to study the genetic variations, interesting markers, their transmission and their links with the hereditary traits
  • Machine QPCRBio-banking for the storage of samples and biological data
  • Biological and microbiological analyses
  • PCR and qPCR, technologies permitting molecular diagnoses
  • Data collection and analysis (explanatory statistics)
  • Conception and application of bio-statistical models
  • Data valuation (calculation or modeling of indexes, genomic selection…)

Les partenaires de la plateforme Génomique
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