GD Scan

Avec GD SCAN, approfondissez la connaissance de vos animaux en toute simplicité!

Kit GD Scan
The genomic platform has enabled the implementation of the GD SCAN genotyping service. This tool offers breeders the possibility to obtain, based on a biological sample, a detailed evaluation of the genetic potential of each female in the herd, immediately after the animal is born.
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The platform
The Genes Diffusion Genomic Platform consists of a team of seven employees from Genes Diffusion (a chemical engineer, geneticist, bio-analyst, bio-statistician, research worker, project manager, and laboratory technicians).
Illumina Certification
The Team
Material for genotyping.
The Know-How
Genes Diffusion offers made-to-measure services of advanced biotechnology to all players active in breeding (breeders, AI centers, cooperatives…).
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Species concerned
The Genes Diffusion Genomic Platform concerns itself with various species. In particular with dairy and beef cattle, but also with pigs.
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Gènes Diffusion and the Lille Pasteur Institute have signed an agreement for joint management of services, expertise in genomics.
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