Gènes Diffusion and the Lille Pasteur Institute have signed an agreement for joint management of services, expertise in genomics.

PegaseThis alliance of both structures is called PEGASE (Plateforme d'Expertises Génomiques Appliquées aux Sciences Expérimentales). It allows to pool the means of the R&D genomic branch of Gènes Diffusion and the means of the TAG laboratory (Transcriptomic analysis and Applied Genomics) of the Lille Pasteur Institute.

The creation of this unit should enable the evolution of new activities, scientific collaboration and services.

Missions of PEGASE are :

  • Give support to requests and projects to understand the outlines
  • Ion TorrentImprove automation tools (bio-computer pipeline, etc) in order to speed up genomic and broadband transcriptomic analysis
  • Integrate at maximum the methods of molecular biology and bio-computer for an optimization of the answer to the biologic question

From the simplest service in molecular biology (sequencing and broadband genotyping) to the participation and elaboration of genomic and/or transcriptomic projects, PEGASE is an huge source of ideas and specialized expertise dedicated to a large range of biologic questions.

PEGASE, an hybrid between molecular biology and bio-computer…

More info :

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