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Genes Diffusion group activities

Serving the breeders for 60 years, the GENES DIFFUSION Group develops its activity in genetics and animal reproduction. Working on the bovine, porcine, equine species and rabbits, GENES DIFFUSION is at present one of the only genetic groups, at the world level, specialized on several markets. Evolving day after day, all our companies work in perfect synergy to support all breeders in the fields of reproduction and genetic improvment of their herds.

GENES DIFFUSION provides its expertise in several fields related to reproduction:

  • Bovine, porcine, equine and rabbit artificial insemination
  • Assistance in reproduction
  • Development of bovine genetic selection programs (Holstein, Charolais and Simmental)
  • Development of a range of equipment for the swine artificial insemination

Thanks to this professional variety, GENES DIFFUSION is today one of the world leader in animal reproduction:

  • N°1 of the swine A.I. in France
  • N°1 of the bovine embryo transplantation in France
  • N°1 of the private equine A.I. in France
  • N°1 in porcine A.I. technologies with world patents (GEDIS ®, GEDIL ®, COLLECTIS ®)
  • One of the major players in holstein by the international dimension of its program (Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, United States)
  • N°1 of the Charolais testing program including a unique polled charolais program