Genetic programme

Closer to the breeders needs

Without being able to influence their selling prices, breeders currently aim to optimize production costs. They are therefore aimed at the production of efficient groups of animals, with as few inputs as possible.

The size of the herds is constantly increasing while the labor force tends to decrease, the breeders are looking for cattle more and more easy to handle, and this already from birth. On the female side, in order to limit interventions and costs at calvings, the quality of the rumps and especially the index "calving ability" are taken into account. On the male side, they use more bulls with easy birth to reduce calving interventions.

Moreover, the genetic potential and dairy capacity of the mother allows the animals to reach constantly increasing levels of muscle growth, facilitating the increase of autonomy and margins of the meat. In fact, calves with the best GMQ (average daily gain) are often the most resistant to diseases and are heaviest at weaning.

In order to accompany the breeders in these performance objectives that the Charolais selection program of Genes Diffusion combines several fundamental criteria, in particular growth, dairy abilities and calving abilities ...

A constantly renewed genetic offer

Each year, the Charolais Optimal program of Genes Diffusion diffuses new bulls, meeting the needs of breeders, who are themselves looking for a product adapted to the market.

In 2016, the Charolais "Maternal Qualities" package consists of 60 bulls:

  • 20 bulls PREMIUM (exclusively genomic evaluations) including 8 new
  • 7 bulls JUNIOR (partially evaluated on descendants)
  • 33 bulls SENIOR (polygenic) for cows, for heifers, including 6 new

To this are added:

  • A unique "Polled" program with nearly 60 Polled bulls marketed or under evaluation, including 12 Polled homozygous.
  • A "Crossing" program, consisting of nearly 20 bulls, for dairy breeders for the production of beef calves (GEN'CROSS range), and for dairy and beef breeders who value crossbred products in weanlings or young cattle ( PERF'BEEF range)

Polled is the future

The polled genetics has the wind in its sails. Indeed, in 2016, 15% of inseminations were carried out with polled bulls. During the sales of sires, the last "top price" were taken down by the polled bulls. While the regulation of animal welfare tends to get tougher with strict control of the practice of dehorning, a real increase in the market share of polled semen is to be expected. Genes Diffusion was not mistaken in investing heavily in the recruitment, procreation and spread of polled bulls, to the extent that in 10 years time the proportion of polled bulls in the program increased from 10% to 40%.

A step ahead for the partner breeders of Genes Diffusion thanks to genomics

In 2014, the Gènes Diffusion group made a significant step forward for the Charolais breeders, with the GD Scan genomic evaluation, resulting in the development of 10 indexes relating to Production, Morphology and Behaviour.

In recent years, the sector has been looking for lighter animals with better yields "carcass" and "net meat", and there is a reorientation of breeders towards the production of more mixed animals, less typified breeding . The 11 new GD Scan indexes that were developed in 2016, in addition to the 10 indexes mentioned above, respond perfectly to this new direction. They have enabled Genes Diffusion to strengthen its genetic offer in mixed bulls and to breeders to guide their selection on the criteria of frame development and muscle development, in both the back and the hindquarters and thus comply more with the market needs.

At the same time, the profession is increasingly sensitive to the "reproduction" aspect. Indeed, the fertility and fecundity problems are one of the main criteria for reform. In the future, breeders hope to see new assessments on sexual precocity and fertility, to accompany them in optimizing their income.

210 participants ont fait le déplacement pour assister à la première journée Valoris Charolais, durant laquelle ont été lancés 11 nouveaux index.

Anticipating future expectations

For years to come, the profession is also awaiting index of resistance to neonatal diseases.

In order to orient animals according to the commercial destination of the carcass and to make them more valuable, it would be useful to develop indicators on the quality of carcass and meat.

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