Genes Diffusion invests in Hungary

Genes Diffusion Group did officially join the capital of the private Hungarian company BOS GENETIC, one of the main Hungarian operators in the Holstein selection and bovine artificial insemination.

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Bull presentation at the Bos Genetic head office.

Signed on Thursday 21th September 2007 in Martonvasaar, head office of the Hungarian company, the agreement follows the logic of co-sampling partnership working for several years between the 2 companies. The agreement provides for a participation of Genes Diffusion Group up to 20% in Bos Genetic capital.

In a country gathering 250 000 Holstein cows (*), Bos Genetic does represent 40 % of the Hungarian market of bovine artificial insemination (all races together).

With a testing program of 40 Holstein bulls per year (12 of them in co-sampling with Genes Diffusion), Bos Genetic represents 50% of the Hungarian bulls-sampling.

Its semen collection center is well known being one of the most advanced European centers in the field of bio-security.

By this agreement, Genes Diffusion Group strengthens its partnership policy introduced since very long in Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia).

(*) Hungary is characterized by industrial farms, with an average of 350 cows per cattle-breeding.



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