Genes Diffusion Optimal on the first positions

Organised in Charolles (Saône and Loire department), the National Charolais – renamed for the occasion « Excellence en Charollais » - did really keep its promises. On the top of this beef event : Genes Diffusion Optimal show.

Charolles, historical cradle of the breed, welcomed for the first time the National Charolais Competition under the auspices of the Herd-Book on the 30th, 31st August et 1er September 2007. "The town of Charolles, in the heart of origin of the breed, is the ideal place for meeting of creators and users of the charolais genetics" writes Michel Baudot, President of the Herd Book Charolais in the official catalogue of the competition.

Estand Gènes Diffusion Optimal

Genes Diffusion Optimal, by means of its mark Charolais Optimal, could not avoid that. In the fact, one of the important event of the edition 2007, like in the 2005, was, undoubtedly, the exhibition of the progeny on Friday. Almost 60 animals of the Charolais Optimal programme could however participate in the show in spite of the transport problems due to Blue Tongue disease.

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Polled program presentation

The polled programme has caused a great interest

In front of the full tribunes, Patrick Reversé, responsible for the genetic schema Charolais Optimal and Sébastien Landemaine, the genetic technicien, described and explained the triumphs of animals that were issues of the selection schema. The list of presented animals included the daughters of ancient bulls (JUMPER, HABIT), the daughters of actual bulls (PINAY, MAGENTA) but also the bulls in the testing and of course the bulls of the polled programme. During this exhibition, Genes Diffusion Optimal reinforces its position of the leader in the charolais genetics.





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Ablette Superbe

Ablette, 1.2 of the section 8D

Superbe, 2.1 of the section 12B

Paree Ravissante

Paree, 2.1 of the section 13

Ravissante, 2.2 of the section 13



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