“Iron” junior female champion !

Tatcher (Jean-François NYS & GAEC LEPOINT), the daughter of ROTHENEUF, has been particularly remarked within the competition of Quesnoy by receiving the title of the Junior female Champion. Tatcher, a cow that let knows about herself...

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Tatcher, Junior Female Champion at Le Quesnoy

Already titled within the edition 2006 of the Celebration of the Earth (de Terres en Fête) awarded as a Reserved Hope Champion (Championne Réserve Espoir), Tatcher continues to fascinate. Since the competition organized during the departmental show in the North, Tatcher has been writing the new line of its awards with gaining the title of the Junior female Champion. She has also been awarded the title of the best udder in the section.

This daughter of ROTHENEUF is certainly a cow that less nobody indifferent. "It is an impressive cow with its qualities of frame, and at the same time its milk qualities". comments Frédéric Lepoint, Sire analyst of Genes Diffusion Optimal. And he adds: "She has remarkable udder, both in its texture, its attachments and its volume of udder".

ROTHENEUF arrives in Australia

And nobody makes mistake. One day before leaving for the competition of Quesnoy, Tatcher was seen (and remarked) by the group of Australians who were on inspection visit in France. Arrived, originally, to observe the daughters of ROUMARE, the Australians immediately distinguished the exceptional qualities of this cow. This unexpected meeting resulted in changing little bit their plans. Besides the purchase of straws of ROUMARE, the Australians ordered also the straws of … ROTHENEUF !



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