Embryo Transfer in Mexico

The embryo transfer technology is complex and difficult to implement. Don Juan Romero Huxley, owner of the famous farms La Nutria and Miramar in Mexico went to the Embryo Transplantation Center of the Genes Diffusion to benefit from their expertise.


Situated near the Monterrey, the 3rd largest city in the North-Eastern Mexico, the breeding of Don Juan Romero Huxley spreads over 2 ranches of about 2 000 hectares each : La Nutria in the village of San Juan and Miramar in Soto la Marina 400 kilometers on the South. More than 1700 animals Charolais, Simmental and Crosses fall in the two ranches.

Added to that 150 Jumping horses, where the embryo transfer is equally performed (by a French veterinarian, Dr. Pierre VALETTE).

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Don Juan Romero Huxley has been investing in French genetics since 1967. At the time, he was importing the doses of Charolais bulls from the Nièvre ... And since, the agreement continues. For proof, the Mexican breeder purchased doses of bulls GRAND RACEURS but also bulls like PACIFIC, SAVIGNEUX, PINAY, IDEALISTE, RENOIR, ROCHEFORT or CAPUCIN on the show of Agriculture, in March 2007, in Paris.

Don Juan Romero Huxley has naturally turned to France and Genes Diffusion to seek the intervention of a specialist on the subject, because the results of the local teams that were practising the embryo transfers before, remained very low.

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Vincent Herbin stayed one week in Mexico to transfer 50 embryos

Vincent Herbin, technician of the Embryo Transplantation Center of Genes Diffusion, went to Mexico where 145 "cows"- synchronized recipients were waiting for the transfer of 50 embryos Charolais. The difference may seem important, but it is justified: we can state that in fact, there is much more difficulties linked with ovulation of the cows than ovulation of the heifers. This fact results in preparation of more recepients than is the amount of embryos available. One week after the heats, Vincent Herbin has therefore carried out some series of rectal examinations in order to select the 145 recipients and determine those on which the 50 embryos were going to be transferred.

This performance proves that the reputation of the Embryo Transplantation Center of Genes Diffusion exceeds the French borders and that its technique can fully meet the needs of such country like Mexico.


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A part of the 145 Charolais cows from the Miramar ranch




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