ROUMARE travels well

From Australia to the Netherlands, via France, ROUMARE made speak about him regularly. Here are two recent stories concerning him.

ROUMARE done the show in Australia

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  La fille de ROUMARE top price en Australie

The « top price » heifer, sold by Roger Perette for 43 000 Aus $, is on her way to the Jet Star Holstein Stud, one of the most famous australian herd.

Tatura, a small town north of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, hosted, from 20 to 25 January 2008, the largest dairy show in the southern hemisphere: the International Dairy Week 2008.

At the auction sale, heifer by ROUMARE has made the "top price" with 26900 € (43000 Australian $) among the thirty animals put up for sale. This daughter of Genes Diffusion Optimal bull is the result of a mating made with the dam of one of the most famous Australian bull: Donante.

In addition, 4 of ROUMARE heifers were sold on the same sale, at an average price of € 9300, largely above average sales which stood at € 4370.

The ROUMARE’s style

Uruguay, another daughter of ROUMARE (3rd lactation) was classified - with the new scoring table - TB89 and EX90 for the udder. This cow belonged to GAEC Lepoint, Bavay, in the North (59), who comes to export her to Netherlands.

Paul Koerhuis, responsible of Genes Diffusion in Netherlands, is eager to expose her on future competitions to show to the Dutch public the qualities of the bull.

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Uruguay, fille de ROUMARE en 3ème lactation

Uruguay TB89 EX90 illustrates the type capacities of ROUMARE



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