Orcival confirms high expectations at “All Holland dairy show”

On the 27th and 28th of June the “All Holland Dairy show” took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. On Friday the 27th, several AI organizations showed their progeny groups. Genes Diffusion showed a progeny group of Orcival (Mattie G x Esquimau). About 13.000 visitors saw a group of 6 second lactation daughters of Orcival, of which 2 were selected for the individual contest on Saturday.

All the Orcival daughters showed their walking
        trademark: their feet and legsAt the Dutch Genes Diffusion show “Met dank aan de Koe” last October 2007 in Hardenberg, ORCIVAL already showed a group of 8 very uniform milking heifers. At the “All Holland Dairy show” the ORCIVAL daughters showed how these dairy, strong and youthful cows have matured into secondcalvers who still develop and increase their dairy strength. It catches the eye that the cows have tremendous width in especially their rump and body, also the capacity in their frame is huge. But most of all the ORCIVAL daughters showed their walking trademark: their feet and legs. The daughters of ORCIVAL move around without effort, which means they easily come to the fodder gate to eat, are in the front of the milking parlour and don’t hesitate to show their heat. In other words: they are thé perfect cubicle cows.

The Genes Diffusion standAlso the stand of Genes Diffusion, where the 6 daughters were presented during the 2 days, was visited very well. After the first presentation of ORCIVAL daughters in Hardenberg last year, the sequel in Utrecht was also very successful and resulted in a lot of very positive comments.



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