TOULON, the new French champion for maternal traits (IQM 122)

The new charolais indexation in Maternal Traits offers new bulls like TOULON, a son of Le Rebel / Exeden.

TOULONTOULON Agonges 2009 champion

TOULON, son of Le Rebel / Exeden, has excellent, uniform, fertile and milky daughters with a good size and excellent pelvis. TOULON is recommended on mature cows that are lacking some performance and maternal qualities.




TEJOYEUXTEJOYEUX, an other champion

TEJOYEUX, Dalton’son on the Jumper’s full sister, is a top breeding sire with high quality replacement females, while simultaneously improving feet and legs, head and top lines on his progeny. TEJOYEUX is our new champion for breeding qualities.




ULYSSE2 new sires with excellent ease of calving:

ULYSSE, son of Nelson / Ciel, offers you the security for your first calf heifers. ULYSSE produces very complete weaner cattle, his daughters are fertile and have a good calving ability. We recommend ULYSSE on framed heifers.





TOLEDOTOLEDO, new bull for heifers

TOLEDO is a calving ease tracing back to a sire (Nelson) and a maternal grandsire (Habit): IFNAIS 109. His progeny displays desirable traits such growth potential, fertility and milking ability. We recommend TOLEDO on complete heifers to insure the first calving.



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