Worldwide Charolais Congress 2008 : firework of charolais

After the Canada in 2006, edition 2008 of the Worldwide Charolais Congress has arrived into the Central Europe where 3 countries: Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic welcomed the demonstration from 15 to 27 August. After the visits of several big herds, we are glad to note that the genetic level achieved in the countries organizing the congress is really remarkable. Zoom on last part of this central European tour in Czech Republic where similarly as in Slovakia and Hungary we can note that Charolais herds are the most performing ones.

As the majority of Eastern European Countries, the Czech Republic initiated its charolais breedings by importing from France more then 1000 charolais heifers in the beginning of the years 1990’. Even today the genetic development of the Czech charolais breeding is partially supplied by using of the french bulls’ semen favorably tested, coming mainly from the GENES DIFFUSION OPTIMAL programme selection. The distribution of the Charolais Optimal doses, for the local farmers, is carried out by its distributor : the company NATURAL.

A farm with ecological interest

Discussion between French breeders and Milan STRUDL (crossing arms)With as many as 361 charolais cows, the Sokolov farm , in the North-West of the Czech Republic, represented one of the visits for french visitors of the congress. Based on a mining exploitation with open sky (where mainly the brown coal is worked on), the farm is managed by Milan STRUDL, president of the Charolais Breeder Association of the Czech Republic.

It was in 1995 when the charolais adventure began for Milan STRUDL. He became to run a business by importation of 130 heifers and bulls coming exclusively from France from Charolais Optimal ( former UCEF UCHAVE ). Nowdays, the breeding number more than 360 cows spreaded over more than 650 ha. Gènes Diffusion Optimal is the major supplier of the genetic of breedings where almost 30% of cattle/herd is the result of the AI. The crowd of 160 french farmers around Milan STRUDL translate the interest in his breeding.

As far as his place, the breeding of Milan STRUDL is involved in the programme of mining countryside renovation.

Charolais Optimal on its stage

The latest stage of the congress has been held in Cunkov, little village situated less than 90 km southern from Prague, in a station of multi race evaluation. This station is certainly one of the most competitive of the country, evaluating the best bulls from Czech breast-feeding herds from more than 250 cows, result from 8 different meat races. Pavel KOZAK is the owner of the station and it is with certain pride that he received various foreign delegations by presenting the different characteristics of his exploitation and his buildings.

It was also in 1995 when Pavel Kozak launched his breeding by importing the heifers coming from selection scheme of the UCEF UCHAVE. Since 2000, the exploitation has been given a form of the individual control station where every year around 96 bulls are tested, judged concerning their own performance. Nevertheless the construction of one completely new station should enable to check as many as 250 bulls for the season 2008/2009. This station is at this moment the most modern exploitation of the country that allows at the same time to evaluate the alimentary/food effectiveness.

The ring of the Cunkov show which closed the Worlwide Charolais CongressThe success of the Czech charolais genetic show was possible thank to the cooperation between the Czech partners : Pavel KOZAK, Natural, Bovet Sloupnice, the Czech Charolais Association, the Czech breeding exhibitors and selection company Gènes Diffusion Optimal who furnished both the know-how and knowledge and skills of the three technical experts : Vincent COLAS, Michel DEWAELE and Jean-Marie MOINEL. This demonstration took place in the biggest building of the farm where several hundreds of people could participate on the presentation of descendants. About 50 animals who appeared in the ring are all results of the genetics of Gènes Diffusion Optimal, what gave a significant opportunity to illustrate the presence of the scheme in the czech charolais population. A cooperation which started long time ago because first exchanges with the UCEF go to the beginning of the years 90’. From then on, the mobilization of the Charolais Optimal for the genetics in abroad, and especially in the Czech Republic has never weaken. To prove it, lets see this presentation of descendants with animals resulting exclusively from czech breedings pedigrees of which contain the names of bulls well known from french breeders present : PALADIN SC, SAVIGNEUX, HARNOIS, PINAY, REPAIR, LE REBEL, IMPAIR, OLYMPE, JUMPER, UNICO SC, LAUREL, MAGENTA, etc…

Karla Bovet Et, IBOB x CARDINAL RR5, Champion cow and Grand Champion Jan KAPLAN, presenter of the showThis presentation as well as the sale was lead by Jan KAPLAN, well known Czech geneticist, Patrick REVERSE, technical director of the charolais section of Gènes Diffusion Optimal and Boris KASATKIN, charolais commercial manager of Gènes Diffusion SAS, who assured the translation and interpretation in Czech and in English for the members of congress and for distributors of the semen of Charolais Optimal in Norway, Australia, Denmark and Canada. This show was divided into 4 categories : young bulls of the year, young heifers of the year, heifers 20 month old or pregnant and cows. Concerning the presentations, the best animal within each category was designated by the jury composed of 4 international judges. In the case of nominations, the daughetr of IBOB was choosen by the 4 judges to be a Great Champion.

Title Name Owner Judge
Champion young bull Patrick Z Cunkova Et P
Ing. Pavel Kozak, Milevsko Arne HANSEN (Danemark)
Champion young heifer Prima Z Ostrého Et
Ing. Pavel Kozak, Milevsko Jim BRUCE
Champion pregnant heifer Oliva Z Mezibori
Ing. Vlastimil Hatlak, Mezibori Anna RATHE
Champion cow Karla Z Ostrého Et
Bovet a.s. Sloupnice Patrick REVERSE (France)
Grande Champion Karla Z Ostrého Et Bovet a.s. Sloupnice The 4 judges


An auction for 9 heifers followed after the performance, 5 from 9 mentioned heifers came from the best czech charolais breedings and 4 were imported from France by Gènes Diffusion Optimal. All these animals showed in the auction were the descendants of bulls tested by Charolais Optimal, horned or genetically without hornes. They had for pedigree:

Czech heifers

French heifers

Batavia, daughter of the POPULAIR, was awarded « top price » when she gained as much as 4 600 € before Belle, one NOVOTEL, who achieved 4 000 € on auction.

Shared success

The Genes Diffusion Optimal technicians who made the event real (l. to r.) : Patrick REVERSE, Michel DEWAELE, Vincent COLAS and Jean-Marie MOINELOrganizing of such an event would have never been possible without close cooperation between Gènes Diffusion Optimal and its Czech partners like the companies BOVET and NATURAL. « DIn line with the World Charolais Congress » » states Patrick REVERSE, responsible for scheme Gènes Diffusion Optimal, « our partners confirmed the success of our show ». Nearly 1 000 visitors assisted on this Charolais show impregnated by genetics of Charolais Optimal. For Jan STRAFELDA, director of the company NATURAL, « this event had an enormous impact on the czech charolais breeders and on the world of breeders who keep on telling us the congratulations for this prestigious presentation ». Petr KRONTORAD from the society BOVET sees a wonderful show of charolais in this demonstration : « It was one of the best promotion/publicity for the charolais in the Czech Republic » is delighted with. « This success is the fruit of several factors » underlines Patrick REVERSE, « like the buildings of Pavel KOZAK which could welcome the event in a very good conditions, the demonstration of animals with high level of tested genetics, strong participation of czech breeders,160 french breeders coming to compare the results of Charolais Optimal bulls used in another context than those of their own farms and involvement of our partners, briefly, the same goal for everybody. ».

This 35th Worldwide Charolais Congress has seen the consecration of the Charolais Optimal genetics with the coronation of the son of the bull MAGENTA, champion of Hungarian National Charolais Show and a daughter of MAGENTA was equally champion, as well as a lot of daughters of JUMPER well award-winning.

From the side of the National Czech Show, it was also a son of MAGENTA who was awarded a title champion, as well as another of his daughter young champion with one of the OSTANI, daughter, vice-champion.

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