SEXED SEMEN : 1st charolais bull available

GENES DIFFUSION keeps on innovating with the diffusion of a charolais bull available in sexed semen. REALISTE, a son of IROY x CASOAR gives then to the breeders the opportunity to produce quickly high quality females with easy calving.

The semen of REALISTE is sexed by Cogent with the technic of flow cytometryREALISTE offers more security for the calving on your heifers with the fact that 9 of 10 calves be the females and his index of Calving ease is estimated as 106 instead of conventional 100.

High quality female replacement

Because of the quality of his offspring, REALISTE has the highest Charolais qualification (RRE).

Sexed semen gives the charolais breeders the opportunity to accelerate their
        replacementHis daughters are heavy, with frame, very well balanced and with excellent breed characteristics.

REALISTE brings maternal traits (108) and his daughters have high calving abilities (115) with plenty of milk (107).

The new technique gives the charolais breeders the opportunity to accelerate their replacement by choosing the best families to multiply with one of the best sire tested in Maternal Values.

To order first Charolais sexed semen please contact :
charolais-optimal(a) or b.kasatkin(a)

The semen of REALISTE is sexed with the XY Technology. What is it ?

The semen of REALISTE diffused by Genes Diffusion is sexed by Cogent with the XY Technology, which is the technic of flow cytometry. On bovine breed, the XY technology is based on the fact that the female DNA (X chromosome) contains 4% more DNA than the male (Y chromosome). This difference gives the opportunity to seperate the sperm cells. Subsequently the cells are divided into two groups, one with the spermatic cells desired (X) and one with the Y cells or those not having been characterized. At the end, only the female semen is packaged in straws and the rest is rejected.



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