National Charolais : Genes Diffusion on the forefront on August 28th.

Genes Diffusion will be definitely present at the coming “National Charolais" show to be held this year from August 27th to 29th at La Roche sur Yon (France). Located in the main exhibition hall, Genes Diffusion will also take the opportunity to mark the event on august 28th with two shows: a progeny showcase at 11:00am and a presentation of the bulls used in the selection program at 3:30pm at the Artificial Insemination Center "Apis diffusion".

Progeny showcase of Genes Diffusion at  the 2007 National show in Charolles.With a presentation of 44 females sired by CHAROLAIS OPTIMAL proven bulls, Genes Diffusion welcomes both the beef breeders and the meat producers to show them that it is possible to combine phenotype and genotype at the top level.

These breeding females, coming from the Genes Diffusion area, are the proof of the successful way that breeders have been using, for a long time, the best proven bulls for the reproduction of their herd.

By working with females with excellent maternal value indexes (IVMAT), those breeders represent the base of the Genes Diffusion selection program.

The presentation of these 44 “elite” females will highlight our program and its priorities in pure breeding:

  • 2008 was the year of the World Charolais Congress in Czech Republic where Genes Diffusion organized a progeny showcase.Genetic creation with priority to the calving ease, beef capacity, growth, temperament and maternal qualities.
  • Genetic evaluation with on-farm progeny testing in order to optimize the performance control. The progeny of 22 bulls is evaluated every year at weaning, after fattening and on replacement abilities.
  • Innovation with a polled selection program. As herds are getting bigger, free housing becoming the rule and animal welfare being an issue, the demand for polled animals is increasing without forgetting the production caracters.
  • Diffusion of the best proven bulls for inseminating heifers as well as cows through the A.I. coops.

Daughters of our current champions will be on display to illustrate the Genes Diffusion selection program: (PINAY, and RETHEL suitable for heifers, SUEDOIS, SIDNEY, REPAIR, MAGENTA, POPULAIR, and RANCARD for mature cows, UNICO SC and VIRGIL SC for the polled bulls.

Presentation of the best bulls

Breeders will be also invitated to the presentation of the Charolais Optimal bulls at the AI centre “Apis Diffusion” on Friday, August 28th from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. About fifteen bulls will be exhibited to the public. They represent the best bulls either proven or in waiting of our selection program.



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