National Charolais Show 2009 : Genes Diffusion presents its breeding program

For this year’s traditional National Charolais Show, held at la Roche-sur-Yon on August 27, 28 and 29, 550 animals have travelled to the Vendée region. Genes Diffusion certainly did not fall short of expectations with the Charolais Optimal show and the presentation of the bulls housed at the stud of CIA Apis Diffusion.

The Genes Diffusion stand at the National CharolaisThe first day was devoted to the Charolais show where 38 representatives of the Charolais Optimal selection program obtained remarkable results. With 4 class winners, 9 second and 8 third places, the balance is « largely positive », according to Sébastien LANDEMAINE, breeding specialist at the Charolais section of Gènes Diffusion. « It is the first time that we have so many animals receiving prizes at the National » he says enthusiastically.

The Genes Diffusion Show

With 38 daughters of Charolais-Optimal proven sires in the ring of the Expo Center at La Roche-sur-Yon, Genes Diffusion presented an extensive palette of its know-how. These cows, from all over the Genes Diffusion region, reflected the success of breeders who, for a long time already, have been making decisions about the reproduction of their herd based on the breeding program.

The Charolais Optimal team a few minutes before the showThe show was perfectly orchestrated by the technical staff of Genes Diffusion – Vincent COLAS, Sébastien LANDEMAINE and Patrick REVERSE – and assisted by all the technicians of the cooperatives that form part of the group.

The presentation of the animals was geared around the 4 main lines of the program:

  • Genetic Creation, giving priority to easy calving, meat quality, growth, character and maternal qualities.
  • Genetic Evaluation, with on-farm testing, which allows for an optimal control of performance, allows for 22 just-weaned bulls to be tested each year with respect to their aptitude for fattening and reproduction, and for detecting the best bulls for use on heifers.
  • Presentation of Charolais Optimal progenyInnovation, with a « polled » breeding program adapted to behavior in free-stalls, to the expansion of herds, and to animal well-being, in combination with a selection on all other production characteristics.
  • Distribution of the best proven bulls via the insemination of large numbers of heifers and cows by the AI cooperatives.

With the presentation of daughters of current champions such as PINAY, and RETHEL (easy-calving sires) ; SUEDOIS, SIDNEY, REPAIR, MAGENTA, POPULAIR, and RANCARD (sires to be used on mature cows), UNICO SC and VIRGIL SC (polled), Genes Diffusion wanted to illustrate how its selection program works and at the same time show concrete results.

Genes Diffusion also disclosed, as a preview, the names of the next Charolais Optimal stars for IA: TINOR, SISTERON, TREZEGOAL et VIRGIL SC.

This manifestation offered a perfect opportunity to congratulate Marie-Claude and Jean-Paul Guibert, the breeders of the famous PINAY , whose full sister, Ravissante, has obtained a third place in the special Type + Production competition, followed by a Get of Dam 4th place.

Bulls on the scene

A lot of breeders went to the CIA Apis Diffusion to observe the coming champions of Genes Diffusion's programAnd the Charolais Optimal show continued… The participants were kindly asked to go to CIA Apis Diffusion, in order to attend the other presentation of the day, of young sires still in the process of being proven and those already having an index. The public came in droves to see the 18 future champions that were presented, amongst which they could find great promises for the future such as TINOR, ABELIX, CHABAL or UNO SC. All the remarks of the visitors focused on the phenotypic qualities of the bulls that were shown, with their perfect functional traits (top line and feet & legs), and the genetic diversity of the bulls that are being tested.

The two presentations formed the topics of that day. The great variety of breeders that visited La Roche-sur-Yon have certainly appreciated the enormous diversity of the genetics offered by Genes Diffusion, which, amongst others, combine phenotype and genomics at the highest level. For all breeding problems there is bound to be a solution… a quality solution, thanks to, in particular, genetics which provide higher economic value and facilitates herd management (light births, pleasant character, and hornless).



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