Mind-blowing Index Results !

The numbers of the recent index release for « Aptitudes Bouchères » (Beef Aptitudes) have arrived, showing an overwhelming success for the new generation of polled Charolais bulls.

VIZIR SC, son of Le Rebel x Harnois, breaks all records. He now is the Nr.1 of all French bulls with an IABjbs index of 123 (= Beef capacity on station), while he also has become the French leader for carcass yield (index RDTjbs 128) and conformation (CONFjbs 131 – carcass conformation on station).

Nr.196 : DETENTE SC, daughter of Virgil SC x Nelson – National Charolais 2009 – Owner: GAEC du Bois Doré – 71 - France. Nr.201 : CANNELL SC, daughter of Virgel SC x Plétor – National Charolais 2009 – Owner: EARL PUAUD – 85 - France.VIRGIL SC, son of Le Rebel x Helsinky, is ranked 2nd with an IABjbs index of 111 and shows excellent figures for carcass yield (RDTjbs 122) and conformation (CONFjbj 118 – carcass conformation on farm).

It is a real tour de force to get these 2 polled, easy-calving bulls at the same level as the very best of French bulls.

With high figures for ease of calving (IFNAIS of 110 and 107), and the young bulls performing well (ISEVR of 115 and 113 – total weaning), there already is a high demand in France for VIRGIL SC and VIZIR SC, for inseminations on heifers and to introduce the polled gene.

Supported by an exceptional index « Aptitudes Fonctionnelles » (functional traits) of his offspring (AFjbs 116) which have great feet & legs and top lines, VIRGIL SC continues his breakthrough in many countries.

During the next campaign, VIRGIL SC and VIZIR SC will be part of the elite bulls of the Charolais Optimal program.

In view of their beef performances, we recommend to use them on heifers and cows used for breeding, to ameliorate their growth potential and all the traits for muscular beef type, both for breeders and for breeders/fatteners.



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