The October 2009 Holstein Catalogue is available

After the last Holstein index release of October 2009, Gènes Diffusion has published a new catalogue which includes all the news of this last release. The catalogue presents the Seniors and Premium series.

Holstein Catalogue - Autumn 20090Seniors Series: VIDOCQ, the most attractive newcomer

VIDOCQ, VASCLO and VERCELLI are the newly arrived bulls presented in this catalogue. Although VIDOQC represents the most interesting rookie (thanks to, especially, his outcross pedigree, the international fame of his dam’s family, his high ISU level, etc.), VASCLO and VECELLI certainly are bulls that deserve to be discovered as well.

Are you interested in an analysis of these bulls? Just click here and read the comments by Frédéric LEPOINT, responsible for the Holstein program of Gènes Diffusion, about the most recent index release (October 2009).

Premium Series

BARRACUDA, BONVALOT, DYLAN, DRYLANDER, DALILA and LAXTER are the new elite sires of the Premium series; details can be found in the new catalogue.

If you would like to receive the catalogue, don’t hesitate to contact us. When you click here you will see a contact form that you can fill in..



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New concept, GD Packs ® offer the best Holstein bulls selected from genomics in 6 thematic packs, specially made to answer to the specific selection goals of each herd.

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The GD PREMIUM bull class represents the elite of the genomic selection. Coming from reknown cow families, they have the most modern pedigrees and the highest genetic level. The GD PREMIUM bulls are sires of sons for A.I.

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