Holstein Index release October 2009

Gènes Diffusion is satisfied with the new index publication, in which genomic bulls and bulls that have a progeny-based index (polygenic) are both included. With almost 40% of its bulls in the top 100, the breeding organization confirms its position as a major player in the creation of French Holstein genetics.

Remarkable facts of the October 2009 index release that can be credited to Gènes Diffusion are without a doubt the confirmation of ROUMARE and the arrival of the two best newcomers in the ISU ranking of the polygenic bulls.

ROUMARE: arrival of second-generation daughters

First confirmation for ROUMARE ! After doubling the number of daughters for production and adding 35 newly scored daughters, he maintained his position as the French leader for conformation (+4.1) and kept his first place in France of bulls with second-generation daughters (171 ISU).

Clothilde Gen-I-Beq Roumare Betsy Gillette Roumare Consuella


VASCLO was born at the farm of GAEC des Grands Jardins (77) from the combination of O-Man x Mtoto, and originates from the FLORIDE family from breeder Rousseau (35).

VASCLO has the highest ISU value of all the new progeny-tested bulls of this index release. With 169 points, he occupies the 8th position in the ISU ranking. VASCLO is an O-Man son with a dairy profile, he strongly improves the fitness traits and is an easy calving bull. His daughters show a functional type, equal to that of his sire.

Pedigree VASCLO (O-MAN)

x GJ Priske EX91 MTOTO
x GJ Nevada EX90 RUDOLPH
x Floride EX94 COMMAND
x Blanchette VG89 ENHANCER
x Utah VG89 K-E VERY


VIDOCQ daughter : 5855 - GAEC du Ruisseau, 62. Ablain/St. Nazaire (France)Born at the farm of GAEC de l’Aumône (21), this bull has presented himself from the start as the most attractive newcomer of the progeny-tested bulls, especially thanks to:

  • his outcross pedigree (TEAMSTER x R MARSHALL)
  • his world-famous maternal line (Eric-Dew Mars Marcy EX-92)
  • his ISU level (165 pts), placing him in the French top-15
  • his complete type
  • his capacity to improve the fitness traits

VIDOCQ transmits to his descendants good size, clear dairy character and nice, small udders with outstanding attachments. When using him, he should be protected for feet and legs. Today, VIDOCQ is especially interesting for combinations with O-Man offspring, as well as the ROUMARE daughters.

VIDOCQ pedigree

x Luciole VG89 CELSIUS
x Ilotte EX93 MASCOT
x Quietcove Royal Matron EX93 ROYALTY
x Eric-Dew Mars Marcy EX92 M-E TONY

VAUCLUSE : le plus complet des O-MAN

VAUCLUSE, 4th french bull in ISU rankingO-Man x Taiga VG85 Hershel x Naurine EX90 GIBBON x Laure 7 EX92 Dannix x Epanouie EX93 Trad x Velmark EX93 Delmark x Roybrook Ex94 Roybrook Tempo.

With his second index, VAUCLUSE confirms his 4th place for ISU (at 176 pts), while adding 17 new daughters.

  • Great protein improver
  • High type for an O-Man son
    • Conf. +2,2
    • MS +2,0
  • VAUCLUSE offers both production and typereat improver of the functional traits:
    • +2,2 SCS
    • +0,5 Fertility
    • +1,7 Longevity
  • His pedigree, free from Jocko Besne, Bellwood and Mascot blood, makes him easy to use
  • High easy calving (NAI 93), can be used on heifers without any problem

VAUCLUSE unquestionably is the most complete French O-Man son, and confirms his status as an international sire of sons.

The genomic sires

Gamme GD PacksWith respect to the genomics side, the new bulls can be found in the special catalogue which was published mid-November. The principle is the same: The elite of these bulls will remain available in the Premium series, while the majority of the genomic bulls will be spread via the package concept.

By the way, we like to remind you of the fact that the breeding world clearly showed its appreciation for this concept during the last “Sommet de l’Elevage” at Cournon, where it was awarded the « Sommet d’Or ». The package concept guarantees maximum reliability by grouping together the semen of bulls of high genetic quality which meet precise selection goals. By this method the fluctuation risks that come with each bull individually, can be smoothed out.



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New concept, GD Packs ® offer the best Holstein bulls selected from genomics in 6 thematic packs, specially made to answer to the specific selection goals of each herd.

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