Genes Diffusion high in the Netherlands

Several daughters of bulls that originate from the Genes Diffusion program are among the best Holstein cows of the Netherlands. Focus on cows with undeniable genetic quality.

Waike, daughter of MATEO RC. Photo: Veeteelt, October 2009Waike, a daughter of MATEO RC (a bull from the Genes Diffusion program) has been designated as the best cow in the Netherlands according to the value of her economic milk index. It is Waike’s production level which has permitted her to take these honors for the second year in a row with a lactation of 16,435 kg. Also Waike’s dam, very large and powerful, could be found in the Dutch top 100 some time ago.

Although born red, Waike’s color has grown darker with time, and today alternates between dark red and black. « Waike is a persistent and durable cow » says her breeder Patrick CLAEYS. « She has always been able to produce milk easily, on the basis of a good feed ration ».

Genes Diffusion genetics in the top

Also noteworthy is the presence – in the Dutch top 5 – of two other cows that are sired by bulls from the Genes Diffusion program.

Geertje 289, a granddaughter of DO OC ET, was born in January 1994. So today she is almost 16 years old! She is an excellent cow, EX-94, well-known, amongst others, for having been Superior Champion of the All-Holland Dairy Show NRM and Grand Champion of several other important shows in the Netherlands. And also important: She has represented the Netherlands at two European Shows.

Finally we like to mention the daughter of FANDANGO, Bols-Holsteins Dikkie 126 EX-92, born in 1999, who placed 4th in the same ranking.

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