Holstein Indexes - the confirmation of ROUMARE

The February Holstein index release traditionally does not show a lot of news, however this year it included the base adjustment, which takes into account the yearly genetic progress and this time was very important. The meters have been set back to zero: the sire proofs increased, by +400 kg on average, but on the other hand for fertility decreased by 0.4 points. Two very satisfying results can be attributed to the selection program of Genes Diffusion: VAUCLUSE, who has maintained his figures well, and especially ROUMARE, who confirmed as one of France’s best bulls.

VAUCLUSEVAUCLUSE, always the most complete O-Man

The new index release saw VAUCLUSE progressing more than the base adjustment. For he improved by 4 points of ISU and has passed the 180 mark! With such a level, VAUCLUSE places 4th in the French ranking, which makes him the best O-Man son in the country.

ROUMARE meets expectations

Many expected ROUMARE to confirm ROUMARE his figures with this index release. And indeed, this son of JOCKO BESN has seen over 1,000 second crop daughters flow into his index. It is one of the few French bulls whose ISU increased with the arrival of large numbers of second-generation daughters. In fact, he is the best French bull in this respect. At 173 ISU, ROUMARE is the Nr.5 French bull (behind VAUCLUSE). Daughter of ROUMARE : Jongsteins Miss Martha« ROUMARE today is the same as three years ago! » says Frédéric Lepoint, responsible for the Holstein selection program at Genes Diffusion.

Daughter of ROUMARE : Jongsteins Miss MarthaWith respect to conformation he remains the French Nr.1. He comes close to the breed’s standard with daughters that have good size, considerable length of frame, are not very mature in their 1st lactations, do have a very good mammary system (especially distance between udder floor and hock, and height of rear attachment), and are showing an outstanding quality of feet & legs and locomotion. When mating them, he should be protected only for top-line and dairy character.

Daughter of ROUMARE : Jongsteins DesireeAt such a high level, what would be the « magic » cross for a bull such as ROUMARE? Frédéric Lepoint explains : « For the Eurogénétique Show at Epinal (April 8,9,10) we have selected some descendants of the bull, which will be shown during the show (12 daughters will be present, close to the stand of Genes Diffusion). With that goal in mind we have visited a large number of breeders in the northeastern region. From what I have seen, I would say that the “magic” cross to obtain a great daughter by ROUMARE is: ROUMARE x CHAMPION or ROUMARE x JESTHER ».


VICKSBURG, originating from the Favennec farm (29), has progressed by 8 points and now occupies the 6th place with 172 ISU. He is a son of the famous Rollers cow, and is one of the rare O-Man sons who improve milk yield (1,613 kg). As his pedigree indicates, he transmits exceptional type and very good fitness traits as well as good calving ease.

Two new faces: UMANCE and VRELANCE


Biennale, daughter of UMANCEUMANCE (NEGUNDO x HAIRYBREZ) is the latest sprout from the famous Naurine family. He was born at GAEC du Petit Rocher (22) and has a very interesting pedigree:

x Naurine Ex90 (GIBBON)
x Laure7 EX 92 (DANNIX)
x Epanouie EX93 (TRAD)
x Velmark EX93 (DELMARK)
x Roybrook EX94 (ROYBROOK TEMPO)

UMANCE transmits good quantities of milk and protein, combined with an outstanding type report in accordance with his pedigree. His daughters are large with good open rib, outstanding rump angle and fine udders that are very shallow and wide. However, when using UMANCE it is necessary to protect him for SCS and fertility, for which traits he is situated slightly below average.


VRELANCEVRELANCE who was born at GAEC de la Riante (22), introduces some outcross blood in a French ranking dominated by O-MAN and JOCKO BESN blood. His first trump card is his pedigree. His maternal line is well-known for its great conformation, generation upon generation.

x Ronvincere EX92 (CONVINCER)
x Nibbone G80 (GIBBON)
x Lombishwin EX92 (SOUTHWIND)
x Gwenshwind VG89 (SECRET)

Daughter of Vrelance : BaleineJust like his sire, VRELANCE transmits average size to his offspring, with his daughters having good dairy character and almost perfect udders: not much volume, very good ligaments, outstanding fore udder attachments (+2.3), and in particular rear attachments with an extraordinary evaluation: +3.0. His daughters move about easily thanks to their very good feet & legs.

VRELANCE is easy to combine because of his outcross pedigree, his balanced production index and his outstanding type figures. Only fertility would need protecting, but it is important to mention here that VRELANCE is still showing the influence of his sire for this trait. He can also be used on heifers.

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