Genes Diffusion purchases 3 Future Stars that were AI tested

In a close partnership with Union Charolais Croissance, the sire analysts of Genes Diffusion responsible for Charolais genetics have chosen three bulls amongst 200 bulls that had been tested at the Migennes station. These three outstanding proven sires, two of which were first of their series, will represent 3 basic groups from the Charolais Optimal program.

DINGO, son of ARTOIS x NOVOTEL, bred by GAEC de L’Orée des Bois - FranceDINGO: already an exceptional champion

His sire Artois, who was first to leave the station of Jalogny in 2007, is a fantastic type bull and looks very promising based on the figures of his daughters that are presently being tested on-farm.

AI Stud at MigennesHis dam, a Novotel daughter with a balanced production, has an index of 112 IVMAT. DINGO was the best of his series with a total index of 127 IMOCR. The bull shows an exceptional phenotype: pronounced muscularity of the back, wide pendulous hindquarters, exceptional body length, good body size and strength, rump width and very good fitness traits.

 >> Look here for his data sheet (In French)

DAUPHIN, son of SAUMUR x OSTANI, bred by Bertrand Cézard - FranceDAUPHIN: a future calving-ease sire with lots of potential

DAUPHIN comes from a genetic background with very favorable calving-ease capacity - two lines that supply very good replacement stock and show strong growth with great size - and is out of a hyper-maternal dam with an index of 115 IVMAT. With an IMOCR of 118 DAUPHIN ends up in 2nd place.

DAUPHIN combines good muscular development with outstanding length of body, a wide and well balanced rump, remarkable stature and perfect fitness traits (feet & legs, head and top-line). DAUPHIN is the very prototype of the easy-calving sire with size and enormous potential.

 >> Look here for his data sheet (In French)

DUNICO SC, son of UNICO SC x FLEURON VB, bred by EARL Roger and Luc Houdmon - FranceDUNICO SC: a polled bull with breed quality

His outcross qualities come from the mating between UNICO SC (one of the best polled sires) and his dam Alizée, a daughter of FLEURON VB who transmits outcross genetics, breed quality and top-of-the-range milk production (ALait 111).

His balanced conformation and his excellent functional traits with impeccable feet and legs, have made DUNICO SC a promising candidate for the polled Charolais program of Genes Diffusion.

At the end of March, when the individual test period of 87 candidates at the Charolais Optimal station at Montrond-les-Bains was completed, these three bulls have joined the best 30 bulls that were selected by the genetic commission.

If the semen quality proves to be good, 22 bulls will be farm-tested next autumn, among which also these 3 purchases which will be evaluated jointly in the selection program of Genes Diffusion and in the genetic program of the Union Charolais Croissance.

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