A Quarter of a Century in the Service of Holstein Genetics

It is 25 years now, that BOS GENETIC exerts its expertise in the area of high-quality Holstein genetics. On June 24, 2010, the Hungarian company has received several delegations from abroad to celebrate its quarter-of-a-century existence.

Several foreign delegations attended the 25 jubilee of BOS GENETICOf course also Genes Diffusion was represented during this « jubilee »; attending were Pascal DEGRYSE, deputy director of the CIA, Lieven CARRON, responsible for the Export at Genes Diffusion, and Amélie VALLE, representing the selection department. At this occasion various bulls were presented to the assembled guests, half of which originate from the Genes Diffusion program.

The partnership between the two structures started A bull presentation was organised by Istvan MONOSTORI, manager of BOS GENETICin 2005. At the beginning of this collaboration, BOS GENETIC distributed Genes Diffusion’s genetics among the Hungarian breeders. Since then, the outstanding relations between the two genetic actors have been strengthened, with Genes Diffusion taking a 20% share in the BOS GENETIC capital. In Hungary, more than half of the bulls are being tested by BOS GENETIC, with 50% of those resulting from the Genes Diffusion sire program. BOS GENETIC, alone, represents almost 40% of the Holstein semen market in Hungary.

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