More than 1 million liters of milk in the ring

Organized at Eurogénétique and in cooperation with Prim’Holstein France, the first edition of the « Longevity Challenge » has made it possible to bring the highest producers from France together in one place. More than one million liters of milk have been presented in the ring at Eurogénétique in the « Best milking cow » class!

1,1 million liters of milk in the ring at EurogénétiqueThis challenge has assembled the 50 best French Holstein cows with a lifetime production of at least 40,000 kg of milk. During this innovative confrontation, it was all about highlighting the longevity of the French Holstein and its ability to produce over a long period of time.

Among the various classes presented within the framework of the Challenge, the « Best milking cow » class contained 13 cows of which the total accumulated production reached a phenomenal level: 1.1 million liters of milk!

Among these, we need to mention the cow Nasse, a daughter of FIRST MIKE x CABOY, two Genes Diffusion bulls from the nineties. She belongs to GAEC de la Guinguette, in the Ardennes region (08). Nasse, who was also awarded with « Best Udder » of her class, presently is in her 11th lactation. Over the first 10 lactations she has produced 89,329 kg with 3.72%F and 3.36%P with an average cell count of 131,000. For her 11 calves only 17 inseminations were necessary, and the calving interval is at 370 days. She now is in-calf to her 12th calf after only one insemination. Nasse came up first in the Health / Reproduction challenge.

Nasse, in a picture taken in 2008. Several generations of Genes Diffusion genetics: FIRST MIKE x CABOY   Nasse (in 2010), best Udder of the Health class of the Longevity Challenge


Also worth mentioning is Lutèce, a daughter by FERLANNEUR and out of a DOWNSON from GAEC du Moulineau at Mont-Dieu (08), who is in her 10th lactation. She has produced 85,416 kg with 4.09%F and 3.00%P in her first 9 lactations with an average cell count of 123,000. To produce 10 calves only 18 inseminations had been necessary and her calving interval is 369 days. LUTECE was runner-up in the Health / Reproduction challenge.

With the presentation of so many cows demonstrating such high production, this Longevity Challenge reflected in a masterly way the genetic qualities of the French Holstein. Nasse was one of the best representatives of the kind of animal that the genetics of Genes Diffusion can offer the breeders.

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