Indexes June 2010 – Observations

The June index release is relatively rich in new bulls, but not very original ones, unfortunately. Just like the last index round, there are numerous O-Man sons that monopolize the top positions in the ranking. In this new release, Gènes Diffusion was very well represented with no less than 5 bulls in the top 10, of which the French Nr.1, ACTION, has reached the new historic level of 198 points ISU. Also worth mentioning is the good performance of bulls that have been used widely in recent times, including VAUCLUSE, ROUMARE, THILLOT, etc...

Daughter of ACTION : 6646 - Owner: GAEC Speckens Ledent. Moyencourt (Fr.)ACTION

The French Nr.1 for ISU at 198 points, amongst others due to an extremely high production level (+ 2,000 kg milk) with very high percentages, especially protein.

Failing to create beautiful-looking cows, ACTION produces profitable cows. Daughter of ACTION : Cigale - Owner: GAEC du Rossignol. Coigneux (Fr.)When using him, he would need some protection for udder traits, in particular ligaments, and the attachments are below average. This production specialist is also very interesting for the functional traits : he strongly improves cell count but also calving ease, a trait for which he finds himself between the leaders in France.



ACTION’s pedigree

x Sabrina EX92 (ADDISON)
x Ombrelle VG88 (HENU-MASC)
x Mirabelle EX92


x Janette EX91 (DANNIX)
x Houlette EX91 (LABAN)
x Fauvette VG85 (JESS)
x Buckstar TB89 (STARBUCK)
x Clover-Mat West Bonnie VG86


x Clover-Mat Conductor Bold EX92 (WAPA ARLINDA CONDUCTOR)
x Maple Notch Bold Elevation EX94



This bull, born at GAEC des Terres Grises (57), comes from the famous American Miss Tradition Lolli family, which has produced Grenade, the well-known brood cow in France.

With 174 points, ASEPTIC is placed 12th in the French ISU ranking. He transmits a very good production potential, both for milk and for the two components. The functional traits, too, are part of his great qualities: he strongly improves fertility with outstanding indexes for maternal and paternal calving ease. With respect to conformation, this O-Man son has taken advantage of the qualities of his maternal line: his daughters have very functional udders, in particular, with small volumes, and better than average rear udder attachments. But it is especially with their frames, that the daughters of ASEPTIC distinguish themselves from the classical O-MAN descendants.


AFORTIN presents himself as one of the all-round O-Man sons in the catalogue. His main qualities are :

  • ISU level (169 points)
  • A very complete production index : +1.1%F, +1.4%P and 1,178 kg of milk
  • His calving ease : 92 points
  • Very functional type


Daughter of ACHILLE : 1882 - Owner: J. Deloison. Lancheres (Fr.)ACHILLE, another widely used Gènes Diffusion bull. Please note that this French cow family originates from a heifer that was bought by the Lesaux family during an auction organized by Gènes Diffusion. The heifer in question, Forya HGF (daughter of Blackstar x Plushanski Mark Orya), was born from US embryos imported in France. Forya HGF is none other than the dam of the bull HEYMET (UNECO), but also the half-sister to FIRST-MIKE (Gènes Diffusion).

ACHILLE is one of the very attractive bulls of this new sire proof, despite his ISU level (141 points), and he should meet the expectations of numerous breeders thanks to his many qualities, such as :

  • An outcross pedigree: TITANIC x RUDOLPH
  • A maternal line of international level
  • Milk and protein improver (+ 0.7%P)
  • High-quality type

Daughter of ACHILLE : 3587 - Owner: J.N. Dubus. Buire au Bois (Fr.)ACHILLE’s descendents are characterized by very tall cows (+3.0), very good capacity (+2.1), very solid udders especially due to outstanding ligaments (+2.0), shallow udders (+ 2.2), good teat placement (+1.1), and outstanding udder attachments (fore +2.3 and rear +1.8). His daughters also show very good legs, mostly straight with very good heel depth (+2.1), making them walk easily (+1.2). And to make it all perfect, ACHILLES is one of the very few TITANICS to have a very good rump angle (+1.3).

The « old ones » still going strong


Daughter of ROUMARE : Courtoise - Owner: EARL Oger. Domleger Longvillers (Fr.)ROUMARE continues to be the Nr.1 Type bull in France (+3.3) with more than 1,000 daughters classified. With 170 ISU points and 2,358 daughters in his index, he also is the Nr.1 for ISU among the bulls with second-generation daughters. His great qualities are unchanged, with a very high protein percentage (+3.0) and presently with correct milk quality (479 kg). For conformation, ROUMARE continues to be the leader, keeping up his great qualities: stature (+2.3), capacity, solid and shallow udders (+2.5), outstanding rear attachments (+1.5) and a very good balance (+1.4). His legs are of an outstanding quality, very parallel (+1.2), with excellent feet (+2.1) which allow for easy walking (+1.8).


Fille de VAUCLUSE : Cora - Owner: GAEC Compain Michel, 02. Autreppes (Fr.)VAUCLUSE maintains his 4th place with 183 ISU points. He still is one of the best O-Man sons in Europe. He excels for production with good milk quality (+865 kg), very good components (Fat: +3.4, Protein: +1.9).

As with all the O-Man sons, health traits are part of his strengths, especially cell count (+2.1) and calving ease (93).

VAUCLUSE is one of the O-Man sons who distinguish themselves due to their above-average conformation. Please pay attention to the fact that the udder ligament and especially dairyness should be protected when using him.

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