Charolais Show : Titles for Charolais Optimal

Biscotte did it again ! This NOVOTEL daughter has won the Champion Cow title at Eurogénétique for the second year in a row. GAEC Vauthier, too, wins renown with a daughter by SUEDOIS.

Biscotte adds her name to Eurogénétique’s roll of honor for the second year in a rowAt the Charolais Show, Armand BATIOT, breeder in the Vendée (85), judged the 15-month-old heifers, 30-month-old heifers, cows without calves and cows with calves. It was Biscotte, a NOVOTEL out of a JUMPER who won the Champion Cow title for the second year in a row, ahead of Bougie, a PINAY daughter from a JELASON, who placed second on the podium.

Biscotte belongs to the famous breeding herd EARL OFAL, in the Moselle (57) region, and Bougie comes from GAEC d’Aujard in the Meuse region.

With the 30-month-old heifers : Distante far ahead

Distante wins the championship for 30-month-old heifersCongratulations also for the well-known GAEC Vauthier herd from the Ardennes (08), who saw their cow Distante, a daughter by SUEDOIS from a GENK dam, win the championship of the 30-month-old heifers. Great lovers of shows and genetics, GAEC Vauthier will be able to add this title to the numerous others that they have already won: for example a first in class at the 2009 National, and an Honorable Mention Female Junior at the well-known show of HBC Charolais at Rethel, also in 2009.

Congratulations to the breeders who have made the Charolais Optimal genetics shine during the show.

Video of the Championship for Cows

Video of the Championship for 30–month-old heifers

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