Convincing International Results for Genes Diffusion

The Holstein selection program of Genes Diffusion is popular abroad and continues to obtain significant results on an international level. In Slovakia, a daughter of the old MATTHEW bull distinguishes herself with her production figures, while in Australia the first products from the program that Genes Diffusion initiated in this country start to attract attention.

A Production Champion from East Europe

Moody Meadows Bailey EX-92  EX-MS, dam of MATTHEWThe bull MATTHEW first appeared in the Holstein catalogue of Genes Diffusion in 2002. At the time, this Mandel son distinguished himself because he could transmit “an exceptional production potential”. And today, many years later, one of his daughters has confirmed this quality – she was awarded the “2010 Best Milk Producer” title in Slovakia with a 3rd lactation production of 19,889 kg milk in 305 days. This ranking was established by the Slovakia Holstein Association, the SHA (Slovenská Holsteinská Asociácia). Interesting is that two other MATTHEW daughters are placed 11th and 29th in the top 30.

More information on the site of the SHA.

The program of Genes Diffusion in Australia bears fruit

GD Jake Penya-IMP-ET with Cody, the son of Gary HIBBERD, who has presented the heifer at the showIn Australia, the Genes Diffusion genetics start to get firmly established. The Australian selection program of Genes Diffusion has seen its first products being born in August 2010. Among those was a heifer that participated in the Holstein Heytesbury Show (in the state of Victoria), where she has won the championship in the heifer classes. GD Jake Penya-IMP-ET (that’s her name) is a heifer originating from the combination Oman Jake x Welcome Ozzie Penya EX-90 (Goldwyn). She was born in the herd of Lee and Gary HIBBERT at Timboon (Victoria), a top breeder and partner of Genes Diffusion in Australia, where almost all animals being born have their roots in the program of Genes Diffusion.

A total of 33 calves (16 male and 17 female) were born out of the first embryos of the Australian branch of Genes Diffusion’s selection program, which was started because of the unique sanitary status in this country allowing Genes Diffusion easy export to most of the countries in the world.

Interesting to know, too, is that these animals have all been tested for genomics in France. From these combinations, the most interesting young sires have entered the French program.

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