ROUMARE successful in Australia

Several times already, this Genes Diffusion bull has made people talk about him in Australia. And that will surely continue, as ROUMARE has become the # 1 bull with milking daughters in Australia.

ROUMAREWith 158 daughters in his Australian index, ROUMARE now is leading the APR ranking (the Australian total index) of bulls with milking daughters. Another proof of the adaptability of Genes Diffusion genetics in general, and of ROUMARE in particular, to all breeding types and systems worldwide.

ROUMARE daughter is dam of # 1 Genomic Bull

Another great reference for ROUMARE, and interesting to mention as well, is the arrival of the bull JETFINN, the # 1 of the genomic bulls in Australia. His dam is none other than the daughter of ROUMARE that originates from Genes Diffusion’s partner in breeding, Jet Star Holstein. Cette même vache avait déjà fait parler d’elle This same cow had already had people talking about her when - at € 26,900 (A$43,000) - she was “top seller” at the 2008 International Dairy Week, where 30 animals were sold..

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