Hardenberg, DANILLO in the spotlights

Gènes Diffusion was present at the Hardenberg Expo with, as grand finale, the presentation of daughter groups from PEINZER BOY, and from a bull impossible to miss: DANILLO.

The presentation of daughter groups from DANILLO in HardenbergPEINZER BOY (JESTHER x LUCKY LEO x F16)

PEINZER BOY, very popular in the Netherlands, is considered to be the best bull in the country for longevity. The progeny that was shown at the stand truly reflected the qualities of the bull in this area, with cows that were well-preserved and sturdy.


The best son of GOLDWYN, DANILLO, was well represented during the expo, with 6 daughters being shown at the stand. As a group they looked very homogeneous with perfect feet and legs and very good Genes Diffusion booth in Hardenbergudders.

It was the general opinion that the organization of the Hardenberg Expo has been a real success (more than 15,000 visitors in the three days) with, among others, the presence of the Genes Diffusion booth, which has left a great impression. Congratulations for Genes Diffusion Holland on the organization, the reception of the visitors, and the quality of the animals on show.

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