Gènes Diffusion closely follows Brangus breed

There is a tendency within the beef breeding industry worldwide to develop the production of beef in the tropical and subtropical regions, to the detriment of the temperate zones. In particular that is the case in Argentina, where the Brangus breed (Brahman x Angus cross) is especially popular.

To add to its genetic program and adapt to the international market, Genes Diffusion has decided, in 2010, to take part in the Argentine company CGL (Centro Genético del Litoral). On the occasion of the last Brangus Show, CGL has acquired the Grand Champion of the breed. The Argentine journal Norte published a report on this event, of which you will find the translation here below.

CGL acquires the BRANGUS Grand Champion of Palermo

Carbón, the Brangus Grand Champion« We continue to invest, in order to bring the best genetics of the country to the zone where lies the future of breeding » Dr Manuel García Solá, general director of the CGL group, explained to the journal Norte with respect to the Brangus Show of the Argentine Rural Society. CGL has acquired the Brangus Grand Champion of the 125th International Show for the amount of 184,000 Argentine pesos (or 31,000 Euro).

« It is an exceptional animal originating from the Rancho Grande breeding farm, founded by Raúl Peyrano, one of the innovators of the Brangus breed that has proven to be very productive » Mr. García Solá added. « The bloodline of Sundance of Brinks 392G9, that has produced this Grand Champion, will supplement the Black Brangus product line, which presently turns CGL into a major showcase of the Brangus breed and will allow us to provide our clients in Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia with the best semen in the country » Mr. García Solá then commented on the DEP indexes Genes Diffusion is taking part in the CGL and has taken a close interest in the future of the Brangus breedof this bull that are exceptional, with in particular a below-average birth weight, which means that he can be used on heifers. « It is a very complete bull he added, because apart from a favorable birth weight, he also offers outstanding indexes for weight at weaning, final weight and mothering capacities. Furthermore, he shows an almost perfect correlation between intercostal meat and thickness of back fat. So he represents an essential investment for the genetic improvement of the region, as well as, hopefully, for the business results of CGL ».

The pastures of the CGL, in ArgentinaMr. García Solá recalls that with the arrival of CARBÓN (that is how the transmitter has been baptized in honour of the product elaborated by the woodcutters of Chaco) the program of CGL is now complete, which had already been enriched this year by five new Brangus bulls that were bought during the 2011 National Show, including three Red Brangus bulls:

  • GUAYAQUEÑO (son of Guayacan and produced by one of the top Red Brangus breeders, Becerra Obregón from Cordoba), who ended up in 3rd place at the National Brangus Show
  • CHACO PYTA, son of Mauleón, from the Tres Cruces breeding farm at Luján
  • MISIONERO, a descendant of Don Ciriaco, from Tave Reta in Misiones

Thank you to the government of Chaco for the access road

Mr. García Solá has used this interview with Norte as an opportunity to « express our thanks to the government of Chaco, who understood our situation and in response to our demand have improved the access road to our AI Center. This makes that we feel supported now and our will to invest in the genetic improvement of the Chaco region has been strengthened ».

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