Presentation of Charolais Optimal in Colombia

Asocharolaise – Charbray, that is the name of the Association of Charolais Breeders in Colombia, established in 2008 and presided by Juan Manuel Sanchez. The association also registers the Charolais-crossbred animals, especially the Charbray, originating from the Charolais x Brahman cross.

Pictures of groupPatrick REVERSÉ, Technical Director Charolais at Genes Diffusion, and Olivier Duterte, Export Manager for Latin America at Genes Diffusion, were invited to present the Charolais program of Genes Diffusion to the breeders of the Association, on May 26 and 27.

Charolais calf and its mother at the Hacienda San LuisThe first day took place at the Hacienda San Luis of Dr. Luis Eduardo Emura, Vice President of Asocharolaise, at Ansermanuevo (Valle). The Managing Director of Asocharolaise, Alejandro Medina, first introduced the association and the services they offer ( , after which Eduardo Emura showed his breeding farm. It was his father, emigrated from Japan in 1928 as an 11-year-old boy, who much later created the original Charolais herd by importing animals between 1958 and 1962. He was the instigator of the first Colombian Charolais Association, established at that time, however little by little it has dissolved itself. Unfortunately the Charolais herd was dispersed after his death, and it has been only recently that L.E. Emura has started to rebuild it with the purchase of 8 females.

Valparaiso breeding farmUnfortunately there are only few pure-bred Charolais animals in Colombia left. According to the inventory that is being carried out by A. Medina, there would be 330 Charolais bovines divided over 29 herds. So, L.E. Emura only had limited choice. After having made in-vitro embryo transferts from his females at an earlier date, he is going to import French embryos as soon as the health certificate for the import will be officially approved.

After some trial and errors with, among others, semen imports from the US, Asocharolaise now has come to understand that there is not one Charolais catalogue worldwide that can compete with that of Charolais Optimal. The breeders that were present during the presentation of Patrick REVERSÉ, were impressed by the program of Genes Diffusion. That starts with a selection of 2000 of the best French cows in order to produce 100 bulls, which then will go to an Valparaiso breeding herdindividual test station. The 20 to 25 resulting best individuals will be entered in a progeny-testing program every year. They were very astonished when they heard weights mentioned of 350 kg at weaning and a carcass weight of 420 kg at 16 months!

On the second day, everyone met again, this time at the Valparaiso breeding farm at La Paila (Valle), another Charolais herd, that was created 50 years ago. It is a group of about 50 females that demonstrate incredible rusticity enabling them to support the conditions of the soil and the climate in the region. However, the addition of some new blood would be welcome in this herd, to improve productivity.

Besides the pure-bred herd, the Valparaiso farm also produces Charolais x Brahman crossbred bulls, which sell like “hot cakes” for natural service in the region.