Genes Diffusion plays central role in biological research

The genetic heritage of the Escherichia coli (or: E. coli) bacteria, responsible for the poisoning of more than 10 persons in the north of France, has been deciphered in less than three days thanks to an efficient collaboration between de CHRU in Lille, the Pasteur Institute in Lille, and Genes Diffusion.

Sequencing of the Escherichia coliTo make that possible, the Genes Diffusion genomic platform, since 2009 based at the Pasteur Institute in Lille, has made available its completely new sequencing technology (Ion Torrent, Life Sciences), purchased only one month earlier.

The team of Genes Diffusion was the first in the world to use this type of sequencing equipment, without which such results could not have been obtained. « With this equipment, we have realized the sequencing ten times quicker than with the classical method », explains Christophe Audebert, responsible for the project at Genes Diffusion. « This kind of success has been possible thanks to a close cooperation between the public sector (Pasteur Institute in Lille, CIIL, CHRU) and the private sector (Genes Diffusion, Genoscreen) », he clarifies.

The Genes Diffusion Genomic Platform

The genomic platform of Genes DiffusionSince 2009, Genes Diffusion disposes of a genomic platform for various bovine and porcine species.

It has authority to propose to breeders, selection organizations, CIAs and to all participants in the breeding industry, made-to-measure advanced biotechnical services : extraction and purification of DNA, genotyping at medium and high throughput, bio-banking, biological and microbiological analyses, PCR and qPCR, collection and analysis of the data, conception and exploitation of the bio-statistic models, …

After having obtained the SCPro Illumina Certificate in 2010, the Genes Diffusion genomic platform has been officially accepted as a genotyping laboratory. Herewith it is one of only two French laboratories to provide the French genomic indexing model with information.

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