DT BENITO puts his stamp on hungarian dairy farms

From December 5 – 7, 2011 a delegation of Genes Diffusion sire analysts has visited Hungary to take a look at the progeny of DT BENITO, the #1 Shottle son in the world. Invited by Bos Genetic, partner of Genes Diffusion since 2007, the genetic team was able to assess the great qualities of this sire of sons.

DT BENITOComposed of sire analysts from each region, the Genes Diffusion team has visited 8 farms in Hungary where they have seen a dozen daughters of DT BENITO, traveling about 1,000 km in two days to do so. Why undertake such a journey? « First of all, because we had been invited by our partner, but also because of the fact that the bull is being used as a sire Teamof sons, and finally because of his exceptional index level (Interbull and genomic) » explains Frédéric LEPOINT, Holstein sire analyst at Genes Diffusion.

Also, the French technicians were able to witness the undeniable qualities of the daughters of the bull which, most of the time, grow up in farming conditions that are very different from those in France. Herd size, for example, on average is quite superior to what can be found in France. « In general they are kept in large, former state-controlled buildings that have been privatized and offer rather harsh conditions to the animals » observes Frédéric LEPOINT.

Nevertheless, the technicians have found animals of a very good level that, in general, quite easily stood out from the herds they have seen, as specified in the following testimonies:

Fabien GOUPILLEAUFabien GOUPILLEAU, Sire Analyst of Apis Diffusion

« Based on the descendants that were presented, I find that DT BENITO is a very good transmitter. There are several reasons to justify this:

  • His daughters are very productive and very easy to manage.
  • He transmits very good frames: good rumps, good legs and a good top line.
  • He adds power, size, and sturdiness, combined with a nice style.
  • 3275 (DT BENITO x MANAT), one of the most beautiful daughter of DT Benito observed during this tripWhere the udders are concerned, the udder cleft is strong and the teats are good. The udder volume is in line with the production. The attachments are correct, however when combining them this is a point to pay attention to.
  • With respect to milking speed, his pedigree shows unfavorable index figures, however in Hungary, in the large herds with small milking structures, the long cows stand out and none of the breeders has mentioned this problem to us.

Even with the Hungarian-type buildings and under the sometimes harsh conditions, the daughters of DT BENITO easily stand out in the herds. Without any doubt, DT BENITO will perfectly fit the French dairy farms with his qualities in the area of production and conformation. »

Jérémie PEILLONJérémie PEILLON, Sire Analyst in the Loire region

« I have seen some very uniform cows that distinguish themselves in the Hungarian herds both for production and for type. DT BENITO transmits lots of size. DT BENITO was presented to the French visitors during this tripHis daughters are deep, have good chest width and a very solid top line. The feet and legs are always perfect: they show a parallel leg set, good foot angle and fine bone quality.

The udders are very functional and have very good texture. The udder cleft is always very strong, teat placement is ideal and the attachments are satisfactory. However, the fore udder attachments would need some protection as they may be somewhat loose. In general, the cows are very easy to handle and have all the characteristics to have a long life. »

Frédéric LEPOINTFrédéric LEPOINT, Holstein sire analyst at Gènes Diffusion

« In my opinion, we are in the presence of a truly special sire. The descendants of DT BENITO are impressive with their uniformity and their solidity in general (certainly inherited from his sire SHOTTLE), but especially under the conditions in which we have been able to observe them.

Hungary is a country with an average herd size exceeding 350 milking cows. In fact, the dozen of daughters we have seen formed part of herds with sizes that ranged from 250 to 3000 cows, with extremely harsh housing and management conditions. However, in spite of this the production of his daughters is always between 1000 and 1500 kg of milk above the average of their contemporaries.

Breeding conditions are often rude in HungaryThe daughters of DT BENITO are slightly larger than average, with very good width and a nice open rib. They have a very solid top line, and outstanding rumps in spite of a surprising figure for this trait (-0.3). The udders are very functional and always have a very strong udder cleft, outstanding texture and rear udders that are above average. Only the fore udders are slightly more heterogeneous in his progeny.

Also DT BENITO’s legs have superior quality: they are very parallel, have an excellent bone quality and good feet which enable them to walk with lots of ease.

Despite his very negative note for milking speed, which to my opinion is mostly due to the double influence of MTOTO, DT BENITO will still be one of the most popular progeny-tested sires of sons of our program. »

Bos Genetic : a trustworthy partnership

Logo BOS GENETICSigned on September 21st 2007, the agreement between Genes Diffusion and Bos Genetic is a logical continuation of the co-testing partnership that existed between the two companies for several years. It consists of a 20% participation of the Genes Diffusion group in the capital of Bos Genetic. In a country with 250,000 Holstein cows, Bos Genetic represents 40% of the Hungarian market of artificial insemination with cattle (all breeds together).

With 40 Holstein bulls being tested each year (of which around 15 co-tested with Genes Diffusion) Bos Genetics represents 50% of the test potential in Hungary. Its centre, where the bulls are housed and semen is produced, is known as one of the most advanced of Europe in terms of bio-security.

History of a name

Known in France by the name of DT BENITO (name in his official pedigree), the SHOTTLE son has been re-baptized BG ET SHOTTLE by Bos Genetic for his career as an international transmitter.


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