In Portugal, a daughter of ROUMARE is in its 13 428 kg in her first lactation (in 291 days)

In the best Portuguese herds, we can find daughters of ROUMARE. And whatever the orientation of the herd is, ROUMARE is widely appreciated. But ROUMARE is not the only bull of Genes Diffusion to give the entire satisfaction to the Portuguese farmers.

Hélder Duarte, the owner of AgroleiteThe herd AGROLEITE in Montijo, near to Lisbon is undoubtedly the most impressive Portuguese dairy farm. With nearly 500 cows of 10,000 kg each in average, the herd of Helder Duarte produces 13,000 liters of milk per day destinated to be tranformed into cheese.

The head of the herd of AGROLEITE, Dr. Pedro José Ferrão, knows each cow individually and, if genetics of the herd is various (France, United States, Canada, ...), two cows are his favorites: the "8164" and the "8086 ".

The "8164" is a daughter of ROUMARE x James which ends its first lactation. Calved at 2 years and 3 months and pregnant at the first insemination on the70th day of her lactation, 8164, daughter of ROUMARE, the farm Agroleite … first  lactation: 13,428 kg in 291 daysshe has a current production of 13,428 kg of milk in 291 days or 46 kg of daily average. Her peak production was reached after 96 days of lactation with 52.5 kg. This is the best heifer of the herd.

As far as the "8086" is concerned, she is a daughter of RETHONDES. She is currently in the second lactation. At 240 days of lactation, she totalizes already 11,820 kg and her output at 305 days is predicted for as much as 15,499 kg! This is the best adult cow of the herd. Even more remarkable is that she has calved the first time in a year and 11 months, and produced in the first lactation 11,379 kg in 285 days and has revealed in 2 years and 10 months!

But "8164" and "8086" are not the only daughters of ROUMARE and RETHONDES in AGROLEITE. The herd counts six daughters of ROUMARE in first lactation. Apart from the "8164", the other five have respective projections in 305 days 12,823 kg, 10,712 kg, 10,162 kg, 9,437 kg and 8,543 kg.

As far as the daughters of RETHONDES, they are 15 in production. The majority are still in first lactation with screenings of 12,230 kg, 11,957 kg, 11,219 kg, 10,857 kg in 305 days, ... for the best. If AGROLEITE is distinguished by its size and excellent management, this is not the only farm in Portugal where Genes Diffusion genetics gives satisfaction.

In the center of João Lemos and the 8801, daughter of ROUMARE, alongside Mario de Oliveira, GD representative in Portugal Thus in Troviscal, João Lemos is proud to present an excellent adult cow, daughter of JESTHER and one young ROUMARE x Marion in its first lactation measuring about 1.60m and with a perfect udder. João Lemos, who likes to participate in competitions, is in the head of a farm of 120 cows of 9,800 kg in average. This year he will use DANILLO and DEIGE.

Other farm of a high level, that of Antonio Verao and his wife in Albergaria-a-Velha, with 70 cows of performance of 10,000 kg 36.0% TB and 33.2% TP. Among the cows in production, there are daughters of JUMPING, OLESTAR, ROYAUME, ROCKO, ROTHENEUF, ROUMARE, and among heifers there are daughters of VAUCLUSE, BIERCA-RED, BERNAC, …

Daughter of BERNAC from the breeding of Antonio Verao Another herd that is worth to be mentioned is the farm of Hendrik Roloefsen de Vale de Leite in Montemor-o-Novo. Dutch origin, Hendrik has been installed in Portugal since the 70s. His case served as an example because many Dutch came later to settle in milk production in southern Portugal. His renowned farm has 120 cows with more than 10,000 kg. He really likes French genetics that was distributed in the past in Portugal. However, the majority of his herd has by the way genes of Jocko Besne. His choice for this year will be, beside others, DANILLO and DEIGE./p>


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