Eurogénétique: results of the Charolais Competition

Restricted to animals coming from artificial insemination and located in the heart of the Charolais Optimal area, the Eurogénétique Charolais Competition was therefore an opportunity to see genetics of a very high quality in the ring of the Exhibition Centre in Epinal.

Fauvette, fille de SYLVANER, Championne Génisses 15 moisThe results

  • The first section - Heifers 15 months
    • Champion : Fauvette, daughter of SYLVANER from the EARL farm of Bon Air in St. Geniève (54)
    • Vice-champion : Framboise, daughter of POPULAIR of GAEC Michel in Mersuay (70)
  • The second section - Heifers 30 months
    • Champion : Excellence, daughter of ROUKY owned by Michel Darantier in Baslieux sous Chatillon (51)
    • Excellence, fille de ROUKY, Championne Génisses 30 moisVice-champion : Eglantine, daughter of SIDNEY from GAEC d’Admelle in Beuvillers (54)
  • The 4th section - Cows followed by their calves
    • Champion : Badine, daughter of HABIT from GAEC Sainte Geniève in Loisy (54)
    • Vice-champion : Bourgeoise, daughter of UNMARQUIS from Michel Darantier in Baslieux sous Chatillon (51)

Congratulations to the breeders and especially to Michel DARANTIER for his « double » Junior Champion and Vice Champion Adult.

Badine, fille d'HABIT, Championne Vaches Patrick REVERSE, juge du concours, Michel DARANTIER et sa fille, entourés d'Excellence (à g.) et de Bourgeoise (à d.)

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