ESTOFFEL, first Jersey bull to be tested in France

Born on October 24, 2009 at the farm GAEC Pâtis Candé (49), ESTOFFEL is a son of DJ Vargas and Stoffel (EX91), herself the daughter of the famous Fyn Lemvig. For those who are not familiar with the Jersey Breed, look at the story of ESTOFFEL, first Jersey bull put in testing in France.

From left to right, Jean-Laurent Jubin, Josette and Daniel Pineau (GAEC Pâtis of Cande), breeders of ESTOFFELThe iconic breed of the Jersey Breed in France is, undoubtedly, the farm GAEC Pâtis Cande in St Georges on Loire in Maine & Loire, whose members are Jean-Laurent Jubin, Josette and Daniel Pineau. The breed has been present in this herd since 1957 and the herd counts today 100 cows/heifers in production for a quota of 536,000 liters of milk.

Of the 100 cows in the herd, ten are in more than 50,000 kilograms of life production with three best of France:

  1. LABETTE: 71,470 kg of milk at 6,06 in fat and 4,15 in true protein (or 104,286 kg of standard milk)
  2. OSCETTE: 69,784 kg to 5,55 and 3,75 (92,671 kg)
  3. MALVOISINE: 66,576 kg to 5,71 and 4,18 (93,786 kg)

A little further in the list of the best dairy of the breed, we can find on the 16th position Stoffel, dam of ESTOFFEL, with 53,753 kg of milk at 5,20 of fat and 3,97 of true protein in 2329 days (7 lactations) or 70,357 kg of standard milk or 20.9 kg / day of production or 16.1 kg per day of life. On this last criterion, the most economical, she would be No 3 in the national scale.

Right, STOFFEL (EX91) at the Jersey presentation at SPACE 2006

But Stoffel is not only a good cow; she is also a beautiful cow since she was classified at 9 years and 9 months of age, EX91 with VG on udder and EX on legs. She is a daughter of Fyn Lemvig bull, the bull that has had the greatest impact on race in recent years in Europe, particularly in Denmark, his home country where the three leading bulls ranked in NTM, are issued as ESTOFFEL, from daughters of Fyn Lemvig.

In France, we also hear to talk about Fyn Lemvig. At the Concours Inter-Régional 2011 Exhibition in Chemillé, several of his daughters are highlighted:

  • SARMOTTE, from the farm GAEC Pâtis Cande as STOFFEL, designated "Queen of Jersey cows"
  • URANE, in the SCEA Gaborit (49), first in the section of the fifth lactation cows
  • BOURRICHE, at the EARL Le Pis Qui Chante (85), best young udder

ESTOFFEL, first Jersey bull born in France and put into testing in FranceFrom paternal side point of view, ESTOFFEL is a son of DJ Fargas. The latter having 31% of Danish genes, its inbreeding coefficient with the American population is only 3.7%. For those who have primarily used the North American blood, ESTOFFEL will be much easier to couple also thanks to his maternal grandsire Fyn Lemvig that has only 0.3% of inbreeding coefficient with the American lines (with 50% Danish blood from his mother’s side). For herds strongly influenced by Danish genetics, it will be better to be careful in their use.

Another interesting criterion at a time when female fertility is becoming more and more important in modern selection, DJ Fargas is a bull which, although very dairy, is renowned for the high fertility of his daughters. He appears in the Danish system of index 115 in milk and 103 in fertility on the basis of 1059 daughters (02/02/2012). Note that the dam of DJ Fargas was a daughter of JAS BREGNE, a bull always indexed up to 119 in female fertility!

ESTOFFEL is likely to be BB in kappa-casein because both DJ Fargas and Fyn Lemvig are BB.


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