ARTOIS illustrates in Argentina

From May 9th to 12th, 2012 the best subjects of the best Holstein breeding farms(Holando Argentino) from Argentina were taking part in competition in San Francisco, Cordoba province. It was MERCOLACTEA, the largest dairy event in Latin America and the place of superlatives in the world of breeding in Argentina

Manuel GARCIA SOLA, director of CGL, and Guillermo BINNER, owner of the 945, daughter of ARTOIS and Grand Champion Heifer of Mercolactea 2012If the genetics of the GENES DIFFUSION company has been recognized nowadays by the preferred number of dairy producers in Argentina (the "tamberos"), there has always been certain resistance from the side of farmers – show breeders (the "cabañeros") for which Madison and Toronto are as Mecca ... relatively speaking! In other words, while the dairy producers were aware that the dairy breeding selection in some European countries had directed earlier than in North America toward a more functional cow, with a better production life and finally more profitable, show breeders, more traditionalist, continued to resist…

But, in all areas, there are always people who are more progressive. This is the case of Abel Binner and his family, owners of livestock El Refugio in Freyre (Cordoba) which plays on two tables, milk and competitions. These farmers had spotted the bull ARTOIS of GENES DIFFUSION, whose pedigree had attracted their attention, being a son of MTOTO, the best Italian bull of the last decade, on one daughter of JOCKO BESN, the internationally acclaimed French bull. They had seen that ARTOIS came from a family of French cows with several generations cows classified of VG or EX(1) and they therefore used this bull with confidence on their cow "Refugio Regan 810" while beeing in the first lactation.

After calving of a daughter of Artois (the "945") on May 05, 2011, Refugio 810 Regan, classified G + 81, was presented in competition where she stood out because she was voted Champion 3-year Senior at Pozo del Molle and afterwards in Rafaela in August.

His daughter, the “945”, being the best of the heifers of "cabaña" El Refugio, Guillermo Binner decided to present this heifer within the Mercolactea exhibition where she would face the best specimens of farming as famous as La Luiza, San Luis, La Lilia , La Magdalena, Centennial, ... And when the American judge John Burket chose her as the Grand Champion Heifer Mercolactea of 2012, she evolved from best heifer of the breed to best heifer of the country!

« It is an honor for us at El Refugio to have successfully presented an animal from one of your best bulls in Mercolactea 2012 and it gives us confidence to continue to use genetics from your group », commented Guillermo Binner in mail addressed to GENES DIFFUSION.

Congratulations to the family Binner and CGL, distributor and partner of GENES DIFFUSION in Argentina.

(1) – the Argentine delegation, received in France in October 2011, took the opportunity to visit the farm of Bernard Boulet, breeder of ARTOIS, and was able to realize the high quality of this family of cows. They also saw Red Holstein Champion of Paris 2011.


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