Dutch breeders visiting french farms

« Veeteeltstudieclub Waterland » is a studygroup from the Netherlands. They are a group of enthusiastic dairy farmers from the area called Waterland, a region 10 km north of Amsterdam.

Le groupe devant la nouvelle étable du GAEC de la Coumière prévue pour 250 vachesThey all milk Holstein cows and have different types of herds, varying from 40 till 200 cows, and from the usual milking system to carousel and robot. But they have one thing in common: they all like to see cows with a good exterieur. Every year, the studygroup organizes a few day trips within the country to visit interesting farms. Also, since 2004, they organize every year a trip to another country and try to see interesting farms in that country. They have already been to England, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden.

This year they decided to go to France so they asked Gènes Diffusion to arrange two days of farm visits around the Burgundy - Lorraine area.

The tour included:

  • GAEC de l’Aumône in Moutiers St Jean, where the Challan-Belval family presented several members of the REMARLINDA family including the dam of BERNAC and BACHARA, plus several red females, some of them carrying the polled gene.
  • GAEC de la Roche in Aprey, where the Delanne family presented several cows classified VG or EX and sired by JESTHER, ROUMARE, UHLAND, SURPLUS, LONARD, … and heifers from genomic bulls like CABARET, CYPRIPEDE and DOMIN EURO.
  • GAEC des 2 Vallées in Viocourt, where the Humblot brothers had prepared several descendants of the ODYSSÉE (EX94) family. After looking at the cows, the french and the dutch dairymen had a very interesting exchange on topics such as genomics, genetic choices, milking production after 2015, price of land, …
  • Le groupe hollandais impressionné par le “type concours” des vaches du GAEC de la Coumière impeccablement présentées par Alban VarnierGAEC de la Coumière in Effincourt (Varnier family), famous in Europe for winning classes and championships at the major shows including Paris, Epinal, Lausanne, … The visit of the new barn in construction for 250 cows was an opportunity to discuss building options and the future of dairying.

Between the two days, the group spent the night in the guest house of Christine et Willem Van Rooy – Kadmaer in Savigny (Haute-Marne)… so they had no need for an interpreter! Eventhough the temperature was not as expected for june, Pique-nique en soirée they all enjoyed the picnic outside and finish the evening around a wood fire.

The group was joined by Henk Oldeman and Richard Barbers of Gènes Diffusion Holland that made a presentation of the company and the GD bulls marketed in Holland: DANILLO, VAUCLUSE, PEINZER BOY…

According to Nynke Pos, leader of the group, the visitors saw excellent herds, beautiful cows and enjoyed the way they were received by “nice farmers”! They also liked travelling through the beautiful landscapes of Côte d’Or, Haute-Marne and Vosges departements.


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