A new offer of high level genetics

Genes Diffusion spots seven bulls ahead in the series of new French Charolais bulls assessed in Maternal Values with an average level ever reached (IVMAT 118).

The sons of NOVOTEL (VITTOZ and VIGNY) arrive in force with the morphology and especially with the very high maternal traits. Already widely acclaimed by breeders, bulls without horns VIRGIL SC and VIZIR SC are in the forefront in IVMAT. At last, VALDEVIE and VEZELAY illustrate the variability of the selection scheme.

CABAR SC and CARNOT SC, two new bulls without horns (polled) complete this genetic offer.

Average Index of these 7 bulls

A Mastery of calving ease IFNAIS : 102
An efficient production /direct effect at weaning   ISEVR : 114
Young bulls with good profit   IABjbf : 118
Productive females for renewal   IVMAT : 118

VITTOZ: progeny of the champion

VITTOZWith an IVMAT of 127, VITTOZ, son of Novotel on a new line, is the number 2 of French bulls in Maternal Values, just behind TAMILLY. Its preferred use on all types of cows ensures you a productive progeny both in males and in females. The calving ability and milk value of his daughters make from VITTOZ your priority genitor for an exceptional renewal.

VALDEVIE : the chain reproducer

VALEDVIEVALDEVIE, mounting a strong and original genetics, is explosive in its performance at weaning and fattening. The combination of growth and morphology of his progeny provides an immediate return. His use on cows of large format gives wonderful results with well-balanced daughters and appropriate males suitable for the meat industry.

VIGNY: cut out for the renewal

With his sire NOVOTEL and his grandsire HABIT, VIGNY combines what is best for a renewal of large cows, maternal and well-balanced without being devoid of muscle. You will be captivated by VIGNY for having the females productive as his daughters that display a high level in calving ability (AVel 115) and feeding (ALait 119).

VIRGIL SC: The star of polled bulls

VIRGIL SCVIRGIL SC displays a maternal value of 118 and the place of French No. 1 in calving ability of his daughters (AVel 125). His new indexes complete all of his assets in “bull for heifers” more than ever essential for the renewal. He represents premium quality for breeders and feeders with an expected average of 50% of progeny without horns on horned females.

VIZIR SC: the polled champion for fattening

With the arrival of numerous descendants, VIZIR SC greatly improves his indexes at weaning and fattening and presents a lot of interest for renewal (IVMAT 118 and AVel 115). With VIZIR SC, you are sure to increase your performance with an average of 50% of poled progeny on horned females.

VOLTAIRE: heifer bull « elite »

VOLTAIREVOLTAIRE, new outstanding bull on heifers, is the successful completion of the winning combination NECESSAIRE x HARNOIS. VOLTAIRE assembles at the same time the maturity, the well-balanced morphology, valorization in fattening and a royal renewal of complete and very dairy females. Give your trust to VOLTAIRE and your herd will progress.

VEZELAY: original and performing pedigree

VEZELAYVEZELAY is a son of NAYEL on JOCRISSE; lines not widely diffused that open a wide range of use on the daughters of tested bulls. Efficient at weaning, amazing in fattening VEZELAY also reveals himself in favor as far as renewal with well-proportioned daughters having excellent rumps.

CABAR SC : polled and form

CABAR SC arrives to complement our range of polled sires. CABAR SCHaving a very developing profile with a good balance, CABAR SC is our new perfect heifer bull to inseminate mixed horned heifers for reaching about 50% of animals without horns. To introduce the gene for polled more quickly, we advise to use him on the daughters without horns of VIRGIL SC and VIZIR SC.

CARNOT SC : polled prestige

CARNOT SC is the result of two complementary stars, VIRGIL SC and the legendary JUMPER. This cocktail is very successful and allows CARNOT SC to be released 1st in the series in weaning of ISEVR 122. CARNOT SC, it is an upscale morphology that awaits his progeny combining growth, muscle and skeleton for about 50% of polled expected on horned cows.

This new offer of tested bulls complements a range already well supplied to help the evolution of the herd with easy calves presenting a high growth potential and with females calving easily with good diary traits. Meanwhile, the development of productive lines without horns continues. The objective of the Selection Group remains the same: to increase the profitability of your herd, whatever your type of production is.