Charte GD+ Days: an important event for Genes Diffusion Selection Entreprise

14 and 15 November 2012, the Genes Diffusion Selection Entreprise assembled members of the Charte GD+ in Douai, a group of farmers involved in the supply of its holstein genetics scheme.

Plus de 200 personnes ont pris part aux Journées Charte GD+This gathering provided an opportunity for all participants to attend a unique presentation of 35 heifers with high potential, bull dams of the scheme and highly appreciated intervention of Sebastian FRITZ from UNCEIA. On this occasion, he prepared an inventory of genomic selection.

The program also included a visit of the GAEC LEROY-LOUVION in Avesnes-les-Aubert (59)), a breeding farm Charte member since 1999, as well as facilities of Genes Diffusion in Douai, mainly the new oocytes and in vitro fertilization sampling station. Many young bulls from the scheme were also presented to the participants, especially GREG CAPJ and FISON PP, headlight genomic bulls of Selection Entreprise.

In the opinion of all, this event took place in an atmosphere of conviviality and represented an important event for the group's life and the Charte, genetics nursery relied on genetic selection program.


What is the Charte GD+ ?

The supply of holstein scheme of the Genes Diffusion Selection Entreprise relies on close collaboration developed with a little less than 150 breeders, members of the Genes Diffusion Charte and thirty partner breeders.

Les éleveurs Charte ont visité le GAEC Leroy-Louvion à Avesnes-les-Aubert (59), adhérent de la Charte GD+ depuis 1999Established in 1999, the Charte GD + aims to create a nursery for bull dams in the best farms. Spread over the whole territory of the Selection Entreprise in proportion to the selection of cooperative involvement in the scheme of Genes Diffusion, farms engaged in the Charte GD + are offered the opportunity to access the most modern sires. Unlike closed nuclei, the Charte GD + also allows the introduction of the best families in Europe and North America via the import and installation of embryos. It also aims to bring together farmers driven by the same selection goals and the same passion.


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