TOP 12 PLM: the top 4 of Genes Diffusion

The PLM magazine published in its latest issue (January 2013) "Top 12 Prim ‘Holstein 2012", awarded cows which are shown in 2012 in national competitions and great regional shows in France.

Out of the 12 champions in this ranking, only 4 come from French genetics and ... 100% Genes Diffusion! These are girls of ROUMARE, BOURBON, JESTHER and BRENDAN who were able to take their game during the various French competitions in 2012.

Décision (ROUMARE)

Décision (ROUMARE) belonging to GAEC Cabon (59)Owner: GAEC Cabon (29)
Grand Champion of Bretagne Regional Show


Dorée (BOURBON) belonging to EARL Lepoint (59)Owner: EARL Lepoint (59)
Grand Champion of Nord-Pas de Calais Regional (Terres en Fêtes)


Team EHB (JESTHER) belonging to EARL Les Fromenteries (45)Owner: EARL Les Fromenteries (45)
Regional Grand Champion of Centre

Grendan (BRENDAN)

Grendan (BRENDAN) belonging to EARL Lepoint (59)Owner: EARL Lepoint (59)
National Grand Champion (Show Open Heifers)


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