Show Open Heifers 2012: full board for Genes Diffusion

The 8th edition of unavoidable Show Open Heifers was held on 27 and 28 October 2012 at the Parc of Expositions in Saint-Etienne (42). An edition marked by the imprint of Genes Diffusion genetics that leaves Loire with several prestigious titles.

237 heifers came to participate to the Show Open Heifers 2012, which becomes, for some, one of the biggest competitions in Europe. Majority of heifers were coming from 33 represented French departments but also from Belgium and Luxembourg.

GRENDAN, daughter of BRENDAN, Grand Champion of « Show Open Heifers 2012 »The major event of the competition is the title of Senior Champion, and especially Grand Champion of the competition for Grendan, a daughter of sire BRENDAN. She comes from the EARL Lepoint, member of the charte GD +. « It is a heifer that is awesome in the quality of her skeleton, its size and finesse that emerges at her neckline and fine framing. She has also very open ribs with members of the highest quality » says David COUHARD, Holstein technician Grendan during the award Grand Champion surrounded technicians of Genes Diffusionof Genes Diffusion.

Another heifer from EARL Lepoint also illustrated with Gavent Red, a daughter of DAVENT RED who finished first in the section 2 and Reserve Grand Champion of the competition Red Holstein. Note that the competition "red" put in competition not less than 30 heifers.

Genes Diffusion wishes to thank the technicians who worked for two days in Saint-Etienne for the quality of animals on the stand and in the ring: David COUHARD, Florent CHAPON, Jérémie PEILLON, Jean-François NYS, Claude RICHEZ and Benjamin LEPOINT.

GAVENT RED, daughter of ADVENT RED, Reserve Grand Champion of the red showOther significant results

Section 4 :

Grise, daughter of BOLDWIN, finished second. She was on the stand of Genes Diffusion. She belongs to the GAEC Vially, member of the Charte GD +.

Section 7 :

GIRONDE, a daughter of ZEUS, finishes fourth.

Section 8 :

GRACIEUSE, a daughter of DOMIN EURO, finishes third. She belongs to GAEC des Vincents, charte GD+ member as well.

Section 9 :

G-STAR CTH daughter of DELIGTH (bull from the pack) finishes third. Note that Grendan, the Grand Champion, was first of this section.

Section 11 :

GRENADE, a daughter of LAXTER, terminates second. She was represented on the Genes Diffusion stand as well. She belongs to EARL Lepoint.

Results of the competition

Fans of statistics will draw a balance more than respectable for Genes Diffusion.

  • The Grand Champion comes from a charte member breeder
  • Out of 6 heifers from the Genes Diffusion stand
    • 4 first prizes,
    • 2 second prizes,
    • One Reserve Grand Champion Red Holstein
    • The Grand Champion Holstein

Great success in departmental

Friday 26 October 2012, the day before the Show Open Heifers, the Departmental Competition of heifers from Loire was held. 62 heifers (including 21 daughters of sires Genes Diffusion) participated. Eight heifers were selected for the final Championship, 4 of them daughters of sires of Genes Diffusion.

Grise, hija de BOLDWINThe title of Departmental Grand Champion comes back to Genes Diffusion genetics with Grise, a daughter of BOLDWIN who also wins the 1st prize of Section 1. She belongs to the GAEC Vially, a member breeder of the Charte GD + as described above.

Other departmental results

Section 1 :

In addition to the first place of Grise, we must point out the performance of Hirondelle, a daughter of DICTATOR, who finished second.

Section 2 :

Glycine, a daughter of CYPRIPEDE, finished second.

Section 3 :

Galaxie, a daughter of DEIGE (present within the Genes Diffusion stand) finishes first. Géo, a daughter of DARAK (bull from package), finishes third.

The diversity of the Genes Diffusion genetic offer

With :

- One daughter of BOLDWIN, Senior line, who finished Grand Champion,
- One daughter of a bull from Pack that finished 3rd in the section,
- One CYPRIPEDE and one DEIGE from the premium line also placed in section...

Look at this positive result! In addition to being all represented, the different lines of Holstein genetics offer leave with many titles and more than respectable rankings.


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